10 Bad Habits that you should skip right now!

10 Bad Habits that you should skip right now!

Your personality is accumulative of your habits. When you adopt bad habits, it takes a lot of time to realize the damage they are making in your life, personality and your way to success. You need a lot of self-control to skip your bad habits. Although tough, this effort is worth a try because of its implications in your life.

 Higher self-control will lead to developing good habits and skipping bad ones. It is good for you to improve your productivity and ethics. You need to exercise self-control to build it, just like a muscle.

1.  Using Gadgets in Bed

Using your phone, tablet, computer etc. in bed has adverse effects on your mood as well as your productivity. The blue light in gadgets consists of short wavelength and is responsible for making your mind active and awake. These lights are higher in the morning sun rays which helps you start your day. It becomes mild until the afternoon, which makes you doozy. However, after evening our brain is not expecting any sort of blue light but we still give it exposure to it. This light harms melatonin production and thus leads to insomnia or poor sleep quality. Remember a good and sound sleep is necessary to lead a healthy, successful and quality life. Try to avoid the screen after dinner. You can watch television as you sit far from the device while watching.

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2. Useless internet surfing

Research shows that you need to focus 15 minutes prior to a work to reach the increased state of productivity called flow. People in a flow are five times more productive than other people. So when you check your phone for surfing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the unnecessary posts, you break the flow and become less productive,

3.  Gazing at your phone in a conversation

Looking at your phone is the best way to offend someone. Put all your energy in your conversations because this bad habit might ruin your personal relationships.

4.  Designated time for multiple notifications

Instead of checking your phone whenever a notification beeps might seem productive but it is not. You can choose designated time for checking your phone and pile of notifications, including WhatsApp, email and messages.

5.  Can’t say No

Inability to say “No” when needed, leads to stress and even depression. When doing a commitment only say yes if you can do it with your full attention and potential. No is a strong word and should be used when needed. You need strong self-control to get over this bad habit.

6. Giving importance to toxic people.

Toxic people stick onto your mind and get under your skin before you even know it. They are in your life and thoughts for all the negative reasons. You must have enough self-control to avoid toxic people and if possible eliminate them from your life. They can take over your thoughts, decisions, happiness and motivation with their negativity.

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7. Multitasking at the wrong time

You should put all of your efforts into the task in hand. If you multitask at the wrong time, it will affect every task you are doing. For example, if you are attending an important meeting, get everything else out of your mind and schedule. Multitasking during meetings, conversations, dinners etc. give an impression that you think yourself better than others.

8. Gossiping

Gossiping is one of the bad habits that will turn you into a completely different person. It derives happiness or fun from other hardships. This affects your morals, interests and your overall personality. Try to learn from people’s achievement instead of discussing others misfortunes.

9. Doesn’t start an initiative

You can amend a work only when it’s done. Writers spend hours of brainstorming before actually creating a masterpiece. How will you know you’ll succeed, if you don’t start? Don’t step back due to fear of failure.

10. Comparison with other people.

You are the master of your own life if your happiness, decisions, and goals are not dependent on others. Don’t compare yourself with others. You must have self-confidence and self-belief to achieve what you want. While it is not possible to not think about anyone, make sure that the opinions and achievements of other people don’t affect you. You will get nothing comparing yourself with others except negativity.

To skip the above bad habits, practice self-control and exercise it. Bad habits may be hard to break but once you replace them with good ones, it won’t be hard enough.