Fun Things to Do With Your Friends Without Being Heavy On The Pocket

Fun Things to Do With Your Friends Without Being Heavy On The Pocket

Friendship is the first-ever relationship that a person experiences in life out of blood relations. Friends are the only ones that never let you age. They know the real you so even if you are 65 self is acting mature in front of them it’s never going to work. You can hide all that you want from others but friends are the ones that always figure out what is hiding beneath that cover. You feel bored, you hang out with friends and plan Fun Things to do with them. You feel happy, you celebrate with friends. You feel sad, you get in the company of your friends. You feel attacked, you call your friends for backup. You feel excited and thrilled your friends are your best partners in crime.

All of these are the things that you do solely with your friends and why is that? Because they are the only judgment-free zone where you can be what you want to be. Yes, how can I forget? Friends are your biggest secret keepers too!! You rely on them for holding their breath till the very end and never blow a word out. With this comes the most hurtful feeling that is betrayal from friends. If anyone experiences this by God this is more painful than a relationship breakup. So keep those friends with you who abide by friendship rules that is loyalty and sincerity at heart.

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Well since we have established what friendship is, we can get to The Main Part of this article that is 10 Things You Can Do with Your Friends without Being Heavy on the Pocket.

Disclaimer: This article is strictly for budget friendly girls. SORRY BOYS!

So let’s dive into it before it’s too late and you have already planned out lunch again.

Bake Together:

Friends who bake together stay together. Repeat after me Baking is good, Baking is fun, Baking lets you bond, and Baking is therapeutic! Gather your girlfriends for a baking session and bake some delicious goodies. It can be savory too but whom are we fooling here? We know we can’t let go of our sweet tooth.

Trial Rooms for Fun:

So what if you can’t buy that sexy dress from Channel? We know how expensive that Gucci dress is. But who said you can never have fun without spending on Prada? Who said there are no trial rooms for you to try clothes on? And who said you can’t take those sinful sexy pictures with your girlfriends in those dresses while being in the trial room? NOBODY!! So loose up and have fun trying on.

Window Shopping:

Guilty my Lord! I don’t have money so I do window shopping with my friends. We do it occasionally but whenever we do it’s so much fun. The inner child gets out and we giggle our way through those stores where we aren’t able to spend money on just yet. But hold on, we do get some pieces stuck into our minds and when we do get some cash we spend like crazy.

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Weekend Movie Fiesta:

Snacks check. Pj’s check. Girlfriends check. TV check. Let’s start the movie marathon, my girls. A weekend movie with friends that too in the comforts of your home is much better than a Saturday wild night out. While sometimes you do want to switch from sober to wild just to keep things moving smoothly at pace. You might also want to keep your pocket as budget-friendly as possible for the future endeavors you are planning with your friends.

Get Dressed Up for Dinner:

Help each other look glamorous for a girls night out. No, you don’t have to get a fashion degree and take up a makeup master class. All you have to do is just have a basic understanding of what would look good on your girls and combine your brains into making each other look beautiful. With so many minds together each one of you is bound to own the night!

Clear Out Each others Wardrobes:

Wardrobe clearing is never fun so why don’t you make it fun by having your girls help you out. With this you can also order some food in so that munching can make it easy for you to declutter. Trust me, your girls will be convincing enough to let you go off that 10-year-old shoes rotting in your wardrobe which you can’t let go off because you have some hangover memory attached to them. Time for good changes baby girl!

Facial Day:

What’s that stress? No no its lack of water intake. No maybe it’s wrong eating habits. Oh is it a guy problem? Well there is no problem that can’t be fixed with facials. Escape all your worries by treating your girl gang at a salon. You sure don’t want to miss out on having a good skin especially when makeup is the last thing you want to do.

Antique Shop:

Your friends don’t expect you to give them high end expensive gifts. That’s the beauty of friendship! Your friends don’t need things to make them happy and feel like they are worth it. So why not you girls go to an antique shop and buy each other something worth clinging on. Its pocket friendly and a trip worth memory. After all memories is what counts in the end!

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Have a Karaoke Evening:

Best part of having nonjudgmental friends? Yes, they will bare your bathroom singing voice if it involves having a great time together. Shy girls can do karaoke at home and if shy girls are being daring that evening they can go out and sing at a nearest bar. You won’t be needing drinks to lose yourself, friends are enough to get you high.

Have your own Club:

Is there anything that you can’t do with friends? In friendships, you all have one thing in common which makes you all come together at one place. The common thing among you all is the reason why you guys are friends in the first place. So make this common thing a prominent part of your friend circle. The club can be anything from a book readers club to a cooking club or potluck club.