10 ways to make A Long Distance Relationship Works

10 ways to make A Long Distance Relationship Works

Relationships are work. Humans have established that eons ago. We all have the fantasy bubble that we love to live in even if we have grown up. This fantasy bubble was created when we were developing into a teenager. Teenage is the first step towards feeling something deep, unusual, and a sugar rush for a gender. We start by watching romantic movies, we start noticing relationships and a long-distance relationship among us, both of these things creating that beautiful bubble.

But the world works on reality. So when we grow up and get to experience the true essence of relationships we learn one thing that is “in order to make a relationship amazing both the parties have to work for it”.

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This becomes extremely difficult when it’s a long-distance relationship. A long-distance relationship brings many changes like appreciation of the smallest things such as a reply to the text on time, virtual xoxo, letter or a postcard sent with love and how can we forget pictures being sent back and forth just to see that person you fell in love with.

While it brings such positive changes, it also creates a longing for seeing each other physically. You miss out on so many dates together, you miss out on important occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, getting a job, etc. The physical presence makes a HUGE difference because out of everyone that’s present there, you still miss the person whom you love the most!

So as in the first place I agree that long-distance relationship is a difficult work, I also want to add that there are ways to make it a little easy to manage and handle all with love, care and affection.

So let’s waste no time in getting started!

Here we are going to tell you 10 ways to make your long-distance relationship work without creating a fuss about it.

Indulge in your Hobby:

First things first, take this time as an opportunity and indulge yourself into things you love doing when you weren’t committed to someone. You are your own personality and you have something of your own that distinguishes you from another person. So instead of missing your partner obsessively, dive into your favorite things that you love to do.

Time for Family and Friends:

This is your time and you get to choose whatever you want to do with it. So a little advice from our side to keep your sanity alive, bond over with your family and friends. Make up for the times you have missed with them. They will not only keep you sane but will also make you feel less lonely.

Learn your Partner’s Hobby:

So what if you never knew how to paint or you are the worst bathroom signer in the world of bathrooms. It doesn’t have to last till eternity. This is your time to show some love to your boo. And the right way of doing the right thing is to get yourself out there, find a professional, and start learning what your partner loves to do. Remember it’s the effort that counts!!

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Have a Scent of your Partner with you:

A scent associated with bae is a free therapy session I guarantee you would never want to take for granted. Be it a burning candle or a perfume, studies show that people remember the smell of a scent more than the one-year-old visual memory. So waste no time in spending money on your baes favorite perfume or his room candle. The scent is all there to remind you that you both are not that far from each other.

Sentimental Gifts:

Give each other something to wear daily

It can be from a piece of jewelry to a wristwatch, a cologne, or a wallet. Whatever it is it has to be worn daily without any delays. The psychological effects these smallest things have is so impactful it feels like you are carrying a part of your partner with you everywhere you go and that’s exactly what you want to feel in a long-distance relationship.

Daily Diary for your Bae:

Don’t be fussy about it. You don’t have to write a page or a two every day. This daily dairy can have just one paragraph too if that’s all you have to add for the day. What you can do with it is when you both meet, you can read the diaries to each other and share together the feelings that you both have felt in those days while living apart. An Aww moment for sure!

Moderate Talking:

It should be noted that in long-distance relationships we feel the need to talk excessively in order to compensate for the lack of physical presence. Whereas this should never be the case from the start!

When I say this with emphasis that there should be moderate talking, I mean to say it should not have a benchmark of 15 hours a day. Talks should be meaningful, thoughtful, and very much enjoyable! The need of having a conversation should always be present there whenever you talk to your bae. Talking excessively will drift you both apart rather than bringing you closer.

Video Calls:

Have video calls every once in a while. Have your schedule set where there will be no entertainment for anyone else but only you and your bae. In this way, you both will get to bond together that will comfort you and definitely compensate for your long-distance relationship. Pro tip: Talking dirty will be a lot more fun this way.

Watch a Movie Together:

Yeah, I know you can’t go to a cinema together while living at a distance. But who said you can’t watch a movie together at the same time and moreover interact with each other during the movie. There are some online sites that help you watch a movie together with your partner. So if you haven’t been keeping track of the latest movie releases? I suggest you do so to make your Saturday nights even more special.

Avoid Troubles:

As said in the intro, the relationship is a work and this work is built on a fundamental principle that is TRUST. When you are living in a long-distance relationship it is no strange that negative thoughts don’t cross your mind every now and then. You try to stay positive and focused cause obviously you don’t want useless thoughts to ruin your relationship with your partner. When you both have set some ground rules in your relationship don’t try to cross those even if you are tempted too. You may be fooled for once that your partner might not find out about it but trust me truth never stays hidden for long. A foolish temptation might lead you to trouble and hinder the trust of your partner.