13 Positive Habits That Can Boost Your Success

13 Positive Habits That Can Boost Your Success

When you are living a life of an entrepreneur with dreams of becoming a changemaker, you will often find yourself in a situation with no enough time for your regular and long-term tasks. When that happens, individuals often fall victim to “bad habits” taking away their useful time slots. So, one can tackle this very easily by adopting positive habits to boost success.

It is very important that one tries to engage in positive habits and productive activities in order to establish a healthy routine where avoiding bad habits can be made easier. In order to sustain the life you’ve worked on positive habits, it is vital that you set certain goals and boundaries for both your personal and professional lives.

In order to shed some light on how that can be done, we decided to ask members of the Young Entrepreneur Council to tell us a little about the positive habits that helped them boost their success. Here is what they had to suggest some positive habits:

1. Have a To-do list ready every morning.

I have realized the importance of creating a task list every morning or the night before for every day. I spend 15 minutes on listing down the tasks (both from my personal and professional lives) and then prioritizing them as per their urgency importance. Although this activity might come off as ‘too much to do’ but it has a magnificent impact on how productive your day could go.

—Nicole Munoz, Nicole Munoz Consulting, Inc.

2. Share your problems with others.

Keeping things to yourself even when they are bothering you so much and hurting not only your productivity but long-term goals too is too harmful. I believe that entrepreneurs and founders really need to discuss their problems with others to get the best advice possible. People will want to help you as they might have connections useful to you.

—Aaron Schwartz, Passport


3. Try practicing transparency.

Contrary to what is advised at business dinners, being transparent and honest about your business serves you in the best ways. Being 100 percent open and transparent has always worked out for me. Honesty helps in resolving the conflicts at early stages without having to see them turn into disasters. Moreover, honesty also helps you in commanding a respectful corporate brand.

—Mario Peshev,  DevriX

4. Exercise regularly.

The fact that regular exercise is important for both your mental and physical well-being needs to be repeated all the time. The release of endorphins helps you focus on your work and your personal life goals with energy and focus.

—Michael Averto,  ChannelApe

5. Eat healthy.

Many people do not focus on their meals and eating habits. They don’t understand that their eating habits can disturb their professional life in ways they cannot even imagine. Eating sugar-filled and processed foods can come off as an easy escape when you have a busy schedule but it makes you feel lethargic and gross. Having to take care of too many tasks in a day will result in negligence when it comes to eating. Eating healthy snacks helps tremendously in the process.

— Colbey Pfund, LFNT Distribution

6. Always follow up.

One of the major reasons why issues arise and turn into greater conflicts in no time is because people fail to follow up and stay on the same page. Whether it is about an important meeting or a business deal, following up is always important. I always make sure to follow up with the other person so we both can have a mutual agreement.

—Syed Balkhi,  WPBeginner

7. Meditate regularly.

If people knew the benefits of meditation, they would start doing it every day without missing a single day. I take five minutes off my hectic schedule whenever I feel too exhausted and drained. This meditation activity allows me to refocus and put my brain at ease. It has greatly helped me to stay positive and enhance my productivity and focus on my career goals.

—Zach Binder, Bell + Ivy

8. Learn to forget and let go.

Sometimes, we consider a situation and imagine the worst-case scenarios without thinking it through from a realistic perspective. Learning to let go things which are not important or won’t matter a few days from now is a skill that all entrepreneurs need to be great at.

—Solomon Thimothy,  OneIMS

9. Make time for what is important.

Running a successful and growing business can be difficult for mothers. Managing your time effectively is the best way to ensure you take out enough time for task management and goals’ accomplishment. Planning your day as per your important tasks helps a lot too.

—Stephanie Wells, Formidable Forms

10. Practice skills in demand.

I have realized the importance of practicing skills in order to stand out. Although it is a demanding activity, I have mastered a few skills which will definitely help me in the long run. Similar to sports, the more time you put in to practice a skill the better you get at it.

—Serenity Gibbons, NAACP

11. Talk to yourself.

Although I am not really sure what is that psychology behind every success technique that we try to practice in our lives but this one does wonders for me; talking to myself in the mirror. So, what do you do when you look into the mirror?

Repeating positive mantras while talking to yourself in the mirror helps me stay focused on my daily goals and long-term targets. This activity every morning can boost your morale up.

—Jared Atchison,  WPForms

12. Put people first.

I have understood that prioritizing others over yourself can have a great impact on your lifestyle. Interacting with new people and having conversations with them to comprehend and trying to resolve their problems gives you a sense of mental relaxation.

—Brittany Hodak, keynote speaker

13. Reach out to people you admire.

I don’t know what serves as the best therapy for everyone but for me, it is mostly reaching out and interacting with people I admire. Watching successful people on the internet and getting in touch with them gives me an insight as to what are the dos and don’ts for me. This process is highly motivational as it boosts your energy and productivity levels.

—Chris Christoff,  MonsterInsights