So you have been wanting to get a little extra sneak peak into the lives of your favorite celebrity, and unquestionably Instagram gives you great content to make you want to follow their accounts. However, if you’re not following your all-time-fave-celebs on Snapchat, what are you really doing?

Snapchat gives you real insight into their everyday lives. You get to see them legit candid and just going on about their lives, and they don’t stop entertaining you even then!

As cool as this sounds, it gets so hard to find the real Snapchat account of these celebrity on the app. So we have jotted down some of the “Must Follow Celebrity Accounts” on Snapchat for you guys. Clearly our mission is to make your Snapchat feed awe-super-some.

Kylie Jenner

Username: kylizzlemynizzl

Yes this amazing TV personality, entrepreneur, model and a social media influencer is an unstoppable 21-year-old beautiful and fierce woman!

Who doesn’t want to get an extra look into the glam-fab life of this young lady? Oh and who wants to miss out on the sweet snaps of our cute little Stormi. Following Kylie on Snapchat will provide you with an inside look into her glamorous everyday life. So there’s going to be snaps on her make-up line and then BTS is a must! Super cute selfies are going to make you keep checking your Snapchat to see if she has uploaded more snaps!

Ariana Grande

Username: moonlightbae

This sensational singer is not only beautiful but also quite entertaining! Ariana posts snap-stories on her amazing tours, cute filter selfies. She also puts up snaps while singing with her cute brother, Frankie!

Gigi Hadid

Username: itsgigihadid

Gigi Hadid is not only the most popular fashion diva, but also an awesome social media person! Whether it is a cute filter selfie, or showing around her room or hanging with her favorite buddy, Kendall Jenner, Gigi really knows how to keep us entertained. Her Snapchat account is definitely a must follow one!

Justin Bieber

Username: rickthesizzler

Justine Bieber is one of those celebrities that always want to keep you entertained. So, naturally, his snapchat is filled with stories of him goofing around with friends and family. He takes cute selfies and makes funny videos. Furthermore, his Snapchat will also delight you with inspirational quotes and his travel pictures!

Kim Kardashian

Username: kimkardashian

This fashionista has one of the hightest followings across her social media accounts. Clearly, she knows how to use it. No really, have you ever seen her selfies? She knows all the right angles – we are almost jealous! Kim is a mother of three and you might get to see her cute kids Saint, Chicago and North in her snaps. Her talented hubby Kanye West is also seen a lot in her snapchat stories.

Selena Gomez

Username: selenagomez

Ms. Gomez is one busy but our all-time favorite celebrity and American Gal. Not only is she amazing with her singing skills but also, she is super talented as an actress and a producer. Her Instagram account is undoubtedly super entertaining, but her Snapchat is no less! Follow her account to stay updated with her daily life cute photos, silly videos and amazing selfies!

Kevin Hart

Username: lilswag79

Kevin Hart is one of the funniest people to follow on Snapchat. Seriously, if you like watching funny videos and laughing at crazy jokes, why haven’t you followed him yet? (If you already have, you’re smart!)

This American comedian, TV host and actor knows all sorts of ways to make you laugh till your tummy starts to ache!.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Username: therock

The Rock is one of the few celebrities that are loved by everyone. This super multitalented person is a semi-retired WWE wrestler and also an amazing actor. The Rock has done many movies but it would be fair to say that he owes half of his fame to The Fast and the Furious and its other parts. His Snapchat is one of the most liked ones as he keeps posting funny snaps, he pulls silly pranks on his celebrity friends and also shares motivational quotes. This account is definitely worth following!

Demi Lovato

Username: theddlovato

The Camp Rock star is a super talented singer, actress, model and a lyricist! Demi Lovato has a crazy following of 70.9 million on her instagram, which makes her one of the most famous stars on social media! Her snapchat is clearly just as cool too. If you follow her snapchat, you would get to see her cute filter selfies, there is going to be a lot of Behind the scenes videos and sneak peaks to her daily life.

Ellen DeGeneres

Username: ellen

Our favorite American TV host, writer, actress, comedian, LGBT Activist and producer (wow, that’s truly a never-ending list) – Ellen DeGeneres, is one the most amazing Snapchats! Follow her to go through all the funny BTS videos and guest appearances from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Chris Pratt

Username: chrisprattsnap

Our ever-loved Hollywood actor, Chris Pratt, AKA Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation and Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy, has one of the most amazingly funny celebrity accounts on Snapchat! There are going to be lots of hilarious videos and oh the sweet filters! Definitely, a must-follow account of Snapchat.


Username: howusnap

The amazingly talented Singer, Dancer and lyricist, Usher has a super awesome Snapchat account that you must follow to get insights on his daily life. Oh the crazy dance moves this guy comes up with and that too with his cutie patootie sons! So if you haven’t followed his Snapchat account yet, do it already! Clearly you are missing out on so much.

Lady Gaga

Username: ladygaga

The amazing Lady Gaga has a Snapchat account and you haven’t given it a follow yet? What? No seriously, if you have ever wondered what would the life of a superstar life Lady Gaga would be, we have just given you the golden opportunity to find out by following her Snapchat account to get access to her daily life.

DJ Khaled

Username: djkhaled305

Our favorite DJ, DJ Khaled has one of the most amazing Snapchat accounts that you just need to follow. He is constantly going to keep your entertained with his life as a DJ and a record producer. His snapchat stories are not only hilarious but also inspirational too!

Nick Jonas

Username: jicknonas

Last but not least, Nick Jonas’s snapchat is surely a must follow. Imagine, award show footages, Behind-the-scenes with other fabulous celebrities, videos from the studio, selfies from his dressing room with the Jonas Brothers – what more do we want?