15 Most Amazing Sites in Europe that you just got to visit!

15 Most Amazing Sites in Europe that you just got to visit!

You know how something pops up in your mind when you say a particular word? Like when you say “popcorn”, you are bound to think of “movies”. Just like that one thing that automatically pops up in our minds when we say the word “travel” is “Europe”. Don’t bother convincing us otherwise because there is absolutely no better place to visit than Europe, especially if you have never been there before! Phew, now that that’s settled, let’s talk about the sites you must visit in Europe!

By the end of this article not only will you know about the best and most amazing sites to see in Europe but also you would have looked up some “How to save for a dream vacation in Europe” articles on the internet, and all for a good reason!

here are some Europe amazing sites:

1.    Eiffel Tower

This alluring architectural site in which people from all over the world die to visit isn’t one of the wonders of the world for nothing. It is 324 meters from top to bottom and was built in 1887. Just looking up at this spectacular piece of art from the ground makes you feel ecstatic.

The moment you get to Paris, you should bear in mind that Eiffel Tower has to be the first site you have to visit!

2. The London Eye

The London Eye also is known as the wheel of amazement by many of its lovers really is a pretty damn beautiful sight! But the main fun is when you take that chic capsule, which can hold up to 20-25 persons and goes up to 135 meters and while you are in it you can see the city till 40 kilometers! Woah, impressive, right?

3. Stonehenge

If you are someone who is fond of historic sites and likes to learn about the ancient civilizations, Stonehenge is a must-visit for you! It is said to be the world’s most famous prehistoric monument. Yes, you read that right. Now, even if you were not that much into history, you’d still want to check this site out, no? This amazing beauty was built in many stages. You can travel to Stonehenge by bus, it’s a 200 miles ride from Wales.

4. The River Thames

The Thames is liquid history.

JOHN BURNS, attributed, Front-Line Thames

Not only is the River Thames famous for its oh-so-endless-beauty but also for how it has been there through London’s thick and thin. It has witnessed the history of London and is a remarkable emblem of it.

Take a luxury cruise and take a tour from Westminster to Greenwich and while you are at it, make sure you ask your guide about all that you want to learn about London. You get to see so many interesting things on your way. Enjoy the tour and if you get thirsty, you can also drink from the water in the Thames. Yes, it is that clean!

5. Pompeii

Pompeii is one of the most popular tourist spots in Italy, and for all the right reasons! People from all around the world save up to visit Pompeii for its captivating and historic ruins. The fact that Pompeii was covered in volcanic ash back when Mt. Vesuvius erupted back in 79 AD, is what makes Pompeii such an important and amazing site to visit. Imagine walking on a place that was once covered in crazy volcanic ash, got that tingly feeling in your tummy, no?

6. The Sagrada Familia

Situated in Barcelona, Spain, this awe-inspiring church has been architected by the man himself, Antoni Gaudi. Even though the construction of this site still remains unfinished, it is as beautiful as it gets. This magnificent building’s highest tower is 170 meters in height and that too because Gaudi strongly believed that nothing can surpass God’s work, so it was kept one meter lesser in height than Montjuic, which is a mountain in Barcelona. Sophisticated details aside, this beautiful church in Barcelona should be on your list when you travel to Europe.

7. Park Güell

Walking through this stupendous park is like a fairytale – and why should it not be? – this is another piece of art architected by the genius himself, Antoni Gaudi. Not only is the entry fee, but you also get a pass to free your mind and your soul and just enjoy the beautiful sounds and sceneries!

8. The Louvre

Ever wondered what the world’s largest and the most visited art museum would look like, well think no more and make a visit to The Louvre which one of the most important historical monuments in France. This amazingly beautiful monument once used to be the palace of Louis XIV. Currently, this museum has more than 38000 works of art in it. Imagine spending a day in this beautiful piece of art itself and educating yourself about Western Art history.

9. The Last Supper

Even if you put the religious aspect of The Last Supper aside if you are not into religion, this Leonardo Da Vinci painting is his most famous and intricate piece of art. You will have to visit Santa Maria Delle Grazie to witness this amazing masterpiece. Once you are done with admiring the beauty of this painting, you can take a tour around Milan and see other amazing sites there.

10. The Golden Circle

If you like doing photography, you just got to visit the Golden Circle. It is basically the Southern Iceland route that encompasses the country’s most amazing landscapes and other alluring sites. It is going to be a 300 Km ride, but believe us, it’s going to be so worth it! You’re going to pass some mesmerizing waterfalls, crazy active volcanoes, and a huge national park.

11. The Seine River

Oh, the river of romantics! Take your significant other to this beautiful river and sip a cuppa with them besides the world-famous sunset!

12.  The Doge’s Palace

If you go to Venice but don’t visit The Doge’s Palace, you’ll be at a loss until you do. It is said to be one of the most iconic emblems of Venice. This amazing piece of art was first the residence of the government of Venice and is known for its Gothic architecture. However, it is turned into a museum now. If you take a guided tour you would get a chance to see all the secret passages, the torture cells and of course the bridge of Sighs.

13. The Tower of London

The Tower of London has air or dark mystery around it. – A royal dark mystery.  You get to see jewels. Ravens all around, there are guards and whatnot. The suspense keeps building as you walk inside it, you feel more and more curious about the imprisonment and torture. Even though it sounds very dark and dingy, it is one of the places that you have to check on your checklist!

14. The Alhambra

Located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain – The Alhambra is the finest and extremely detailed and mystifying palace in the world. Its walls and ceilings are covered with over ten thousand scribblings in Arabic. You can download a deciphering app on your phone before going there and learn the meanings of the scriptures on the walls. Apart from the scribbling, you get to see the lush green lawns, royal residences, etc.

15. The Colosseum

Who doesn’t love the movie gladiator? And who doesn’t want to witness the amazing stadium that was originally made in the Roman era for fights between strong men and crazy wild animals? We know this was already on your list, but it doesn’t hurt to re-endorse, does it?

So if you are planning trip to Europe during Christmas here are some must-visit mesmerizing Europe based Christmas markets.

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