4 Simple Ways to Find Best Blog Post Ideas

4 Simple Ways to Find Best Blog Post Ideas

The hardest thing in blogging is to produce a quality content and generate best blog post ideas on daily basis or weekly basis that gives you tons of traffic also provide solutions to the readers that they are looking for according to their interest.

When you become a pro writer, it’s hard to maintain blog post ideas consistently. Whether you are posting blogs weekly or monthly, and without consistency, it’s impossible to produce quality content.

If you are at this stage, this article will help you produce quality content that will give you the best blog post ideas through the following free tools.

If you have just started blogging or you are inexperienced writer so many ideas are coming in your mind and you want to write it on your own. Sometimes it will work but there will be days when you will run out of ideas and you will need more blog post ideas to create more content because blogging needs consistency if you want more traffic, earn from blogging or want to increase your sales. Remember to solve readers problem and keep on filling your mind with those ideas that the reader actually wants.

Following free tools will help you in many ways giving you 1000 of blog post ideas that will make your website worth visiting.


blog post ideas

Quora is a place where people ask different questions. From Quora, you can get lots of blog post ideas easily. You can write a blog post on specific questions. Like what is SEO? So it’s very simple just type your keyword in the search bar and you will see lots of questions that people asked related to your keyword.

Read all the questions and also read answers that will help you to create a perfect blog post. When you are done with writing a blog post the link to your blog in the comment section and it will also give you a good amount of traffic.


Ubersuggest is the best way to find the best content ideas. This amazing free tool gives you an overview of your related keyword whether it’s a two phrase keyword or four phrase keyword. It also gives you a content report that will show you all the popular blog posts that are related to your keyword. Let’s explore this simple free tool that will help you in making content that gonna ranks on Google.

Keyword Ideas:

The first thing is head over to Ubersuggest and types in a keyword that related to your Blog. Let say you want to write an article on Jason Momoa, so type Jason Momoa on Search Bar when you hit search it will show you all other keywords related to Jason Momoa. You can use keywords that are relevant to your blog post but remember don’t stuff all keywords in one blog post.

Keyword ideas section also tells you keyword monthly search volume, CPC, PD (Paid Difficulty) and SD (SEO Difficulty). Higher the SEO difficulty (SD) of keyword means more competitive in organic search result.

Content Ideas:

Content Ideas section shows you all popular blog post on the web related to your keyword. It also shows you which blog post is popular on social media. If your content is attracting readers attention and they found your article helpful and interesting they will share your content.

If the blog post have lots of social shares it doesn’t mean this blog have SEO traffic, also you will see in the report that blog isn’t that popular on social media but have tons of SEO traffic.

Google consider traffic that are coming from search result if people are searching and find your article interesting Google will put your article on top.

The reason people don’t get traffic is that they rewrite the same idea that is written by many other websites. Do some research find an article that has a good amount of estimated traffic, backlinks, and also popular on social media.

Read the article and see what’s missing and short, now create your own version and add more relevant details, missing information, pictures that attract readers’ attention, and that help the readers to give solutions to their problem that they are looking for.

Google trends:

blog post ideas

Another free tool Google trends also help you in creating current or popular content. Google trends show you top trending articles in 24 hrs so you can write on one of them or as many as you want also you can check your keyword trending on monthly basis.

Just scroll down to see top trending article that can give you good amount of traffic if you write on them but remember don’t rewrite add some value so it can trend on Google.

The second thing you can do is to search your keyword in Explore topic bar, here you can see your keyword trends, and you can change time and country. Also it shows you related quires and related topics.

blog post ideas
blog post ideas


These tools will definitely help you in creating the best content that gives you tons of traffic. SEO takes time and consistency, so must do research and extract the best blog post ideas to attract and get more organic traffic on your website.

Make a strategy, plan your blog before writing, read other website articles, and then create your own that has some value and that have completely unique from other blogs, and writing content that readers are interested in and really care about.

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