Best ways to spend 48 hours in Rome

Best ways to spend 48 hours in Rome

There is a deep-rooted culture, artistic architecture, and exciting history, basically so much to do in 48 hours in Rome if you’re planning a quick, fascinating vacation for the weekend. You can go to the city’s best attractions in 48 hours and have the time of your life. Even if you don’t get to see everything in 2 days, you can always go back again to explore Rome!

Day 1

9:00 AM

the Colosseum

Have breakfast! Treat your taste buds with a classic Roman pastry and a cup of coffee. If you’re new to Roman food, we suggest you have a maritozzo – it’s a big, scrumptious whipped-cream-filled bun, that gets you the energy you’ll need on your day ahead.

First, head to the Colosseum. If you want to witness the beauty of this famous amphitheater to the fullest, try reaching there early morning for smaller crowds. Lesser people mean much better pictures and who wouldn’t want to Instagram these breath-taking landmarks. You can get a skip-the-line ticket so you can enter whenever you want. If you’re into history, you’ll love this guided tour, where an expert will tell you everything about the Colosseum and you can even get exclusive access to the restricted areas. Brownie points if you mimic Russel Crowe in the middle of the arena.

Segway tour

11:00 AM

Rome is gorgeously hilly. This means you need to take out those adventure gears and zip your way on a Segway tour.  Continue your journey along the beautiful cobblestone roads by the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and other fascinating treasures alongside. If you’re running late, go for the 2-hour express tour that covers all the main tourist attractions. You’ll also learn the tales of the ancient rules on your way.

personal pizza Margherita

2:00 PM

Your stomach must be growling after that power-packed Tour de Roma. All you need now is a Roman feast with a crunchy, deep-fried risotto ball and a personal pizza Margherita. Gulp it down with some red vino and don’t forget to get your dessert at the next stop.

Trevi Fountain

4:00 PM

What is life without desserts? Satiate your sweet tooth and get yourself some gelato and make a wish at Trevi Fountain. It’s a dessert with a view. Take some pictures of the famous fountain, adorning Oceanus – the Greek God of the sea, and his protectors. Every day tourists toss around €3,000 into the fountain of these mythological creatures. It’s an urban legend that throwing coins in the fountain will grant your wish to come back to Rome, new romance, and the third marriage with an Italian. What else do you need?

138 stairs

5:00 PM

Get a bus or take a 10-minute walk from the fountain to the famous Spanish Steps. Make sure in good shape to climb the 18th century built 138 stairs to help people walk up and down the Santissima Trinità dei Monti Church slope. Don’t let the stairs intimidate you, it’s worth it! Reach the top and wait for the magnificent sunset. Witness the domes of Rome and the terracotta roofs to be washed in the warm shades of fading sunlight to end the day.

Roma Sparita restaurant

7:00 PM

Head to Roma Sparita for a dinner date (even with yourself). The place is great for a quiet, exquisite Roman cuisine. The cacio e pepe pasta served in a big parmigiano bowl is their specialty out of specific dishes they serve. Get yourself a table outdoors and enjoy your meal with a glass of wine while watching the Imperial city.

Day 2

9:00 AM 

Vatican City

Kick-start your day by filling yourself with a strong espresso alongside a cornetto to help you go through a tour at Vatican City. Make sure to wear something that covers you the most.

The Vatican is a small, independent country but it offers so much fun. Get the most out of your time by going for a skip-the-line ticket. Your guide will give you in-depth details about the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica, and much more! 

The Vatican is enriched with splendid architecture, magnificent sculptures, and astoundingly embellished ceilings. The place is dripping with aesthetic, telling the exciting tales of the past.

a combo cooking class by a professional chef

2:00 PM

Stuck between pasta or pizza? Why not both? Learn the essence of the authentic Italian cuisine by getting a combo cooking class by a professional chef. Get this 4-hour lesson to learn to make pasta in 10 different shapes from scratch and get the recipe for that finger-licking good pizza. You’ll get complimentary bruschetta, vino, and tiramisu.

Terrazza Borromini

7:00 PM

After a long day of treating your eyes and tingling your taste buds at the Vatican, all you need is to enjoy an open-air concert and aperitif at Terrazza Borromini. Treat your soul by soaking up the arias with some wine and end these mystical 48 hours at the Eternal city. So, when are you planning the next trip?

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