5 Places to Visit before they’re Crowded with Tourists

5 Places to Visit before they’re Crowded with Tourists

Looking for a vacation spot with lesser crowd?

We all are mad to discover new places hence there are still many places that are yet to be discovered. Here are some of which you really must visit!

Transylvania, Romania

One of the best Europe’s medieval towns, Transylvania has tons of history, culture, food, and experiences which you’ve never discovered before. The breath-taking castles and history of the famous Count Dracula will give you a unique charm as you stroll around on the Romanian streets.

Kotor, Montenegro

There are infrequent direct flights from Dublin to Podgorica, Montenegro. And from there, you can visit Kotor, which is a 90-minute drive away- which is totally worth it!

It is located on the beautiful backdrop of the Adriatic Coast, and the city is dipped in history, tradition and scenic views. You can take a boat tour, relax in the sun and wonder around in the old town or climb up to the Castle of San Giovanni for some amazing views

Riga, Latvia

In the past year, you must have noticed some growth in popularity in this place. So, visit here before it becomes a tourist spot. You can take a direct flight from Dublin easily.

Riga’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so definitely lots of history and culture to experience. Moreover, the beach is just 20 minutes away! Jurmala, known as the ‘Pearl of Latvia’, is a 20-mile strip of white sand with beach towns.

Rottenburg, Germany

You all must have visited Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt in Germany but Rottenburg is a place which has to be on top of your German trip list.

The food, history and of course the architecture will make you fall in love with this place. Explore the scenic old town of Plönlein, relax in The Castle Gardens and take a tour of the old town walls.

Ronda, Spain

Madrid and Barcelona are the cities which everyone usually visits on their trip to Spain. There are so many places to visit in Spain, from modern cities to quaint villages which are yet to be discovered. Ronda is a spot that isn’t explored that often. The Plaza de Toros Bullring, Puente Nuevo, the El Tajo gorge and the Arab Baths are surely going to give you an authentic Spanish experience. Also, don’t forget to visit and stay in the medieval castle, Spain at best rates!