6 horror movies to watch during COVID-19 lockdown

6 horror movies to watch during COVID-19 lockdown

Zombies, Monster, horror, and Marvel flicks movies are possibly favorite genres for most of us. And in this time of Coronavirus lockdown, this is the best time to watch online or rent the horror movies offered since you are stuck at home so we advise you there are many horror movies that are available online or on rent at Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. The following list of movies you can watch online right now if you have a subscription to any of the online movie services.

The Monster (2016)

Let’s start with the film The Monster, Film story is exciting. The story revolves around the Alcoholic mother, her daughter, and the Wolf. In the film you will watch the drunk mother dropping her daughter to her father’s place in a way she hit a wolf, wolf already looked in bad shape before the hit, and the hunts begin here throughout the movie wolf stalks both the mother and her daughter.

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47 Meters down (2017)

You want to watch Jaws but don’t you watch It on rent Right? Let us advise you to watch 47 Meters Down, the story revolves around the two sisters, (One character is played by Mandy Moore) both sister going to do cage dive, but things did not go according to the plan they were trapped in the cage and the huge white sharks starting circling them and they were stuck in a cage all by themselves in a huge ocean.

Gammera the Invincible (1965)

We know you guys like Godzilla movies. But did you watch 1965 Movie Gammera The Invincible? The Giant monster appears in Japan, The first is in black and white and some of the other parts release in color. But still, it’s a must-watch film.

Gammera is pretty different from Godzilla because in this movie monster can fly by putting himself in his shell and shoot fireballs from his mouth he is like a huge turtle scientists were surprised they hit on his back and they thought they won and the monster will not stand on his feet’s again. But they forget that they hit on his shell, yes this monster is not a king of all but he is strong to defeat.

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I Kill Giants (2017)

I Kill Giants is based on comic book series, It’s not for everyone. the movie is for those who are more into high school drama. The story is emotional and interesting.in the movie there are some Giants, in the movie Zoe Saldana gives the appearance as a school psychologist, and Madison Wolfe as a teenager who believes in Giants, If you are interested in something different do watch it.

Colossal (2016)

A classic story of Anne Hathaway’s character in which she turns into a giant monster in Seoul South Korea when she was walking around in a playground during daylight. Like what? Well, the film is interesting than it seems, the story is about female empowerment. Jason Sudeikis play an important role in this movie. If you like giant monster films you will fall in love with this as well.

Tremors (1990)

All Tremors movie parts are available on Netflix, but we only recommend you the first part. The film story is about the town of Nevada, in the movie whole town is under attack by sandworms like monsters called Graboids. A horror movie with a little bit of comedy. The Graboids are really scary and hard to kill.

And this is the list of movies you should watch during coronavirus lockdown. Do tell us about your movies list that you going to watch during the lockdown in the comment below. We also suggest you to watch kevin Hart Movies