7 Best Bali Restaurants you must try

7 Best Bali Restaurants you must try

A foodie’s guide to the yummiest and best Bali restaurants. Bali might not be so popular for its eateries before, but with the passage of time it has evolved as one the most amazing destinations that provide lavish first-class dining experiences. And all the credit goes to their super-talented and fine chefs that continue to surprise us with their innovativeness! There are so many good restaurants to choose from at Bali. You will be blown away with by their classiness, be it the presentation, taste of food, the ambiance or the service! You could be opting for a romantic place for a lovely candlelight dinner or you could be looking to celebrate the birthday of a family member – rest assured you will have a huge list of restaurants to pick from. So we tried to make the job a bit easy for you!

Selecting only 7 out of oh-so-many extraordinary restaurants in Bali has been a crazy difficult job for us, but we still managed to do it for you guys. So let’s begin!

1. Cuca Restaurant Bali

At Cuca you get to have the most amazing Tapas and desserts served a cute hubby-wifey chef duo. The atmosphere is well lit and crisp. You can get the best spot in the restaurant and enjoy the view of these chefs making a variety of amazing dishes for you guys while having lively chitchat. Enjoy the yummy food that is cooked with locally grown ingredients!

2. Soleil

This elegant restaurant that offers superb buffet is a part of The Mulia Bali at Nusa Dua and is known for
its chic interior and great ambiance. Entering this restaurant you will feel an air of sophistication around you.

People visit this restaurant for dinner during the weekends and brunch on Sundays that offer the Mediterranean and pan-Asian cuisine.

The best things to try in their buffets are baked desserts, a variety of seafood and meat dishes. Their French Cheeses are also very popular! Another good thing about this place is that if you are more of an outdoorsy person, you can opt to sit outside in the open breeze and enjoy their lavish food!

3. Swept Away Restaurant

Located in The Samaya Ubud, Swept Away Restaurant is situated over a scenic river running over Ubud’s
beautiful side.

Here you get to enjoy some sumptuous Balinese and Western cuisines.

For people who look for a good time relaxing over a meal with their friends and family, must visit this place! Rest assured, the variety of food options will blow you away.

4. Kubu Restaurant Bali

This is the best restaurant for honeymooners and people that are looking to have food in a unique interior.
This happens to be Mandapa’s signature restaurant and is a Ritz Carlton Reserve. Kubu is a dinner-only restaurant situated on Jalan Raya kedewatan.

The best part about this place apart from the yummy food over here is the way it has been crafted by bamboo – there are private cocoons available for the honeymooners as well. There are only 9 cocoons and 40 seats available in the restaurant, which is why we suggest you make a reservation beforehand!

5. Locavore Restaurant

Locavore is among the restaurants in Bali that serve international cuisine cooked in locally produced
ingredients. It got popular for its innovation and chic fine-dining experience,
for which you must make a booking beforehand.

The interior is on the modern side but not extra-sophisticated. The menu has both veg and non-veg options available for people to choose from. Optional wine pairing is offered as well. The best food items include slow-braised oxtail along with caramelized shallots, extraordinary desserts and Raw Japanese amberjack on watermelon.

6. Kayuputi Restaurant

Situated in St. Regis Bali Resort (Nusa Dua), Kayuputi is an extravagant award-winning beachfront
restaurant that serves amazing Asian par excellence cuisine. Furthermore, it
has the best wine variety to pair with your main course.

The interior is chic and decorated with traditional shadow puppet ornaments of wayang. There are also private gazebos available along a great pool and the ocean can be clearly seen from there as well. It’s a place that caters Ala Carte for brunch, lunch and dinner.


Located at the Viceroy Bali, CasCades is an elegant restaurant that has both the view and the taste. You get to choose a handsome variety of dishes from western and Indonesian cuisines.

It’s a great place for romantic couples to enjoy a candlelight dinner. Some famous
food items include Spiced duck leg and Canadian Lobster. Before planning trip to Bali you should know Best Things To Do in Bali

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