7 Fashion don’ts that you would want to keep in mind

7 Fashion don’ts that you would want to keep in mind

We keep saying this, because it’s true. Being spontaneous when it comes to fashion is extremely important, because creativity is the key to discovering your own personal style. But, there are a few barriers you should never cross.

  1. Don’t overdo it. 

Whether it’s accessories or make up, don’t ever go for the over kill.

Wearing too much of anything can make you look bundled up, cheap or even act as a reversal and end up making you look extremely plain because there is so much to look at in your outfit that no one thing tends to stand out anymore.

Less is always more.

  1. Don’t suffocate yourself.

Your size doesn’t matter, what matters is how well you carry yourself. Accept who you are, love who you are and look your best. Wear your size with pride, don’t make yourself uncomfortable by wearing anything that is too tight for you not only will you begin to feel uneasy physically but it will not compliment you either.

  1. Don’t try to combine colours that don’t go together. 

Especially when it comes to leather, go with one colour. For example, when your suiting up make sure your belt is the same colour as your shoes. And in order to make sure that your sober outfit goes together perfectly, wear coloured socks that match the colours already being presented by your suit.

  1. Don’t be a walking denim disaster. 

We all know, pairing denim with denim is a risky choice, one you shouldn’t make unless you’re absolutely certain you can pull it off. Using the same material in two main items of your outfit can become overwhelming to the eye if not handled correctly.

  1. Don’t wear clothes that are too “baggy” for you. 

It’s understandable that many people are body conscious, who could blame them with society’s exceedingly outrageous physique expectations. But, confidence is really all you need to pull off any look brilliantly, and make sure that whatever you wear fits you entirely well. Or you’ll begin to look like a plastic bag.

And mighty winds of fashion will blow you far, far away.

  1. Don’t wear low rise anything with crop tops. 

The era has progressed and it’s now time to wear things that look good, and nothing else. We’re hoping that was your plan all along because if it is then don’t wear low rise pants of any kind with crop tops unless you don’t mind exposing a highly vulgarity unflattering gap, which is exactly how it looks in most cases no matter how cinched your waist is.

At the end of the day, you can pull almost anything off if you believe that you can. How good you end up looking isn’t always about what your wearing, it’s about how you’re wearing it, and if you’ve used your personal instincts to their best potential then rest assured because self-satisfaction is what leads to brilliance. Breaking rules is fun, but there are some you just shouldn’t!