7 Incredible Ways to Travel Like a VIP

7 Incredible Ways to Travel Like a VIP

If you love traveling then you must know the luxury has to do a lot with the perks of enjoyment. The experience of private tours and fine dining can take your trips to a whole new level. We are talking once-in-a-lifetime experience which involves you spending your time being a VIP without having to spend a lot of money on luxuries. Traveling being a VIP has more to do with ease and comfort, and does not necessarily have to include private helicopters and 7-star hotel stays.

If you are looking to upgrade your next trip, have a look at the following 7 travel tips.

1. Book your pickup service in advance.

When the peaceful plane ride is about to end, you begin to worry about how you are going to commute to the destination of your accommodation. That initial part of your trip can prove to be a real pain for many as it means deciphering a subway map or having to bargain with a taxi driver outside the airport. The idea of jumping into bed sounds a lot better than exhausting yourself with such an annoying journey. What works better than a private transfer service in such cases? No matter if you are traveling to Istanbul, London, Athens or any other city in the world, there are private transfer services in every city that can be easily pre-booked online. The sight of seeing a driver holding up a sign having your name written on it serves as the initial VIP treatment for oneself.

2. Stop using public transport!

It is no surprise that those who are fond of VIP traveling experiences hate public transport for a lot of reasons to travel. For your daily commutes around the city, using public transport can become a real headache for you. Hiring private chauffeurs has become a lot easier in this era. From Dubai and Melbourne to Bali and Rome, every destination has a pool of private transport services that you can hire and travel around the city with comfort and ease. Not only you can have personalized control over your itinerary but you can also listen to music or watch a movie while commuting. That’s exciting, isn’t it?

Moreover, this VIP indulgence is not too expensive as many would think of it. Just look for affordable options and you will find one that suits your budget.

3. Look for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

You are the boss, you are the King. Start treating yourself like one. No matter what destination you are planning to visit next, make sure you enjoy all the experiences you want to enjoy over there. Spend a little more but make your vacation a memorable one. Do not settle for less when you know you want the vacation to be full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you might not get a chance later in the future. Go for some bucket-list experiences and take your trip to a level that you never reached before and keep upgrading it. Whether it is paragliding in Spain or a hot balloon air ride in Cappadocia, Turkey, you must go for it.

4. Don’t just eat, enjoy the view!

Wondering what can be the VIP way to enjoy dinner while you are traveling? Nothing beats the luxurious experience of enjoying dinner with a view. We are not talking about expensive dining options that can suck your budget. Finding affordable restaurants with mesmerizing views is not that difficult if you are in cities like Barcelona, Istanbul, and Athens.

5. The skies have a lot to tell.

What works better than a sightseeing flight when you are in a new city? Nothing. Hot ballooning in Cappadocia or a seaplane ride in Dubai, this experience of flying in the air has a lot to do with uplifting your travel experience. Cities like Huawei and New York deserve to be explored from above the skies and you need to reward yourself this VIP treatment.

6. Hire a private tour.

If you have gone for it before you would know that a private tour has the power of turning any trip into a luxurious one. Enjoying uninterrupted access to the guide means that you will have a great experience of a solo trip. Private tours like the one in Lisbon take you to hidden dining experiences.

7. Stop waiting!

If you want to feel like a VIP, you must avoid services and spots where they require you to wait. Pay a little extra and enjoy quick access via skip-the-line tickets. Do have a look at the tour apps to browse the available skip-the-line tickets and continue your trip without any hassle.