7 Tips to Stay Positive Minded

7 Tips to Stay Positive Minded

The whole world speaks of the power of positive thinking – so much that sometimes we want to just snap at them. Staying positive all the time is no walk in the garden. It’s not even humanly possible to be happy go lucky at all times. But one cannot deny the physical and mental benefits that come along as one tries to stay positive minded.

Some of the benefits that bloom from a positive mindset are a boost in one’s confidence, stronger relationships, a higher success rate at work and a happier mood. What’s even more interesting is that staying positive-minded helps you keep that extra stress away from you hence killing the root cause of hypertension, depression and other mental disorders.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But how do you actually define positive-minded.

According to Collin’s dictionary, positive-minded means, “a technique for changing your attitude and fostering optimism”. But doesn’t that confuse you? Because the real question is that how does one change ones attitude and just randomly start being “optimistic”?

You are going to need proper, solid real life examples to be able to start inculcating the concept of “positive mindedness” in your daily lives.

Here are a few examples:


Do you know how they say that the first impression is the last impression? That concept applies here as well. You can’t go on all positive with your day if you woke up like it’s going to suck big time. Instead, as you wake up, try and smile. Tell yourself that something amazing is going to happen today. You can even stand in front of the mirror and give yourself a little pep talk. Start by telling yourself that you look great!


It is important to understand that nothing in this world is perfect. Mistakes are bound to happen. People will make blunders. Learn to forgive and forget. Try to focus on the positive points of people and your day. For instance, if your phone stops working – try and think about the excitement of the new phone? If you are stuck in the traffic, try and think that you got more time to listen to your favorite track now.


This might sound a little bizarre, but try and find a good laugh in every bad situation. Tell yourself that things might seem a little bleak right now but one day you will look back at it and laugh with your friends, so might as well just laugh now? For instance, your boss has just told you that you’re getting fired very soon; imagine about the craziest job you could do next? How about a puppy masseuse?


You know how they say, “There are no failures, there are only lessons”, they are right. So why call yourself a failure when there is no such thing? You are only human. And we are bound to be imperfect, that is our beauty. So when you feel like success isn’t coming to you so easy; just try and make a list of things you are doing wrong and next time around, don’t make those mistakes! That will be a success for you in itself.


Stop telling yourself that you are not good at something because that is an incomplete sentence. Say that, “Try “I am not amazing at it for the time being”. That leaves space for hope. If you plan on running 4 miles every day and cover only 2 – tell yourself that you are building on your stamina and God willing you will get there one day!


You know why present is called present? Because it’s a gift! Your boss might have told you off five minutes ago – but why are you wasting this very second thinking about what happened five minutes ago? You have an opportunity to make things better – or not, you get to choose what you want to do this second. But you choose to think about the past?

Know that most stress stems from negative emotions embedded in our memory from the past. Don’t let your mind play you, play your mind.


Oh the beauty that comes with positive minded people! Once you start surrounding yourself with people that have positive mindsets, you will never want to be with people that don’t. They talk about inspirational things, ideas and will always speak of hope and the present. Those positive thoughts will sink in and make you automatically think on the same lines. They are right who say that you are the company you keep.

Remember, nothing changes in a day – especially not a mindset. This is something you have to practice every day. Try and inculcate one point a day and before going to sleep at night, think about all the positive things you have done all day. And then wake up the next morning to do more! Adopt a positive habits to boost your success.