8 Mesmerizing Europe Based Christmas Markets

8 Mesmerizing Europe Based Christmas Markets


What a wonderful time is as the Christmas season starts to near. You can feel it in the air. The magic is all around you. People are just happier, places seem brighter and the whole atmosphere feels full of joy. Christmas season is truly the best time of the year. To enjoy Christmas at its fullest, we have gathered a list of 8 most mesmerizing Europe based Christmas markets that you can visit as the bells start to jingle!







Dresden’s Striezelmarkt





1. The Classical Dresden Experience





Are you someone that loves traditional Christmas markets? If so then you are in for a treat at Dresden’s Striezelmarkt, which just by the way is one of the oldest markets in Germany. This amazing market which came into being about 600-years ago, is going to make you feel like you have stepped back in time.





The arches made out of wood and the sweet smell of
candles will keep you mesmerized. Make sure that by the end of this Christmas
market visit, you make
a tour of the city’s iconic Semperoper, which is amongst the world’s most amazing opera












2. The Wonderful Wonderland of Vienna





Vienna is a city full of festivities – be it the Belvedere Palace Christmas village or the luxurious city hall Christmas market. Keep both your hands full with the yummy gluhwein and a traditional butter pastry while you walk your way listening to superb international choirs being performed and what not. Make sure to visit the Four Seasons concert at Karlskirche.












3. Christmas Festivities in Budapest





Vörösmarty Square is located just a few minutes away from Danube, and here is where the biggest Christmas market of Budapest takes place! This is the ultimate market to do all kinds of Christmas fun things. You can enjoy this festival from the 9th of November till the 1st of January.





Not only will you get to buy exquisite native
handicrafts but a wide variety of sweet dishes to taste! If you are a pizza
lover, you must try their Hungarian style pizza known as töki pompos. Once you are done exploring this
ravishing Christmas market, make sure to pay a visit to Szechenyi Baths to
treat your ears with a
classical concert at St. Stephen’s Basilica.







Bruges, Belgium





4. Let your inner child out at Bruges





The Christmas markets at Bruges will invite your inner child to come out and live to the fullest! There are so many fun things to do; for instance enjoying a ride in a horse-drawn carriage on the beautiful streets of Bruges. Before getting on the carriage buy a snack or two and savor them while you appreciate the beautiful decorations around you.





If you are
still left with wanting more of this mesmerizing town, you can go for a walking tour to
discover its hidden gems.
You must end your day with a beer tasting tour.







krakow’s Christmas market





5. The Enchanting Krakow





In case you’re looking for the ultimate Christmas market experience, you must visit krakow’s Christmas market which is located in the middle of the Old Town. Christmas wreaths, baubles and candles – you will find it all in this traditional style market.





You will witness beautiful stalls made out of wood,
there is going to be hot beer as well which you’re going to absolutely fall in
love with, especially if you are a Potter head. If you are a cheese lover, you
should go ahead and try their smoked cheese and delicious grilled meats.







Old Town Square, Prague





6. Prague – A Shopaholic’s Paradise





The Old Town Square at Prague arranged the best and the biggest Christmas market ever. To really appreciate the beauty of the market from above, make way to the top of the Old Town Hall’s tower. This point lets you see the Christmas markets around the town as well.





Republic is full of choices for you to make in terms of Christmas markets. Once
you have bought all your favorite souvenirs, you can make a stop for food and
have medieval dinner.







Strasbourg Christkindelsmärik





7. One of a Kind Experience at Strasbourg





The Strasbourg Christkindelsmärik is not only one of the most amazing Christmas markets of the world but also the oldest ever too! Yes, you read it right. You will have a thousand choices to choose from in terms of the stalls that are going to be evenly spread throughout the city center.





The whole city center turns into a winter wonderland
from the 24th of November to the 24th of December. You
can learn more about this amazing Christmas market by taking a tour of the
famous market.





If you are a wine lover (and even if you are not), you must visit the
fabulous Colmar town because your trip to Strasbourg would be incomplete if you







Stockholm Christmas Market





8. The Magic of the Unreal Stockholm Christmas Market





There’s absolutely nothing better than exploring the artistic stalls made out of wood at the Stockholm’s Christmas market. This place is where fairytales are made. Get a bite of that yummy gingerbread, try elk or reindeer meet and swallow all the exquisite glögg (mulled wine).





After this be sure to go for Christmas spirit walking
tour. Being a
music lover, you wouldn’t want to miss out on going to the ABBA museum and dancing to your favorite songs!





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