A Fashionable Blast from the past

A Fashionable Blast from the past

The fashion world really took Willie Nelson to heart when she said what goes around comes back around, because it’s feels like the nineties all over again and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end any sooner, and do we honestly even want it to?

The nineties were an era of discovery. People made mistakes and wore them on their sleeves, quite literally. Most of these mistakes displayed utmost fashion in its raw and truly purest form, while others continued to haunt us for another decade, and might be coming back for another.

Here are some of the most famous trends that we are in love with from the nineties that are here to stick around for a while:

1. Let her, in leather.

Leather jackets are back, and just in time for feminism to give women the real strength and freedom that this badass product of high end fashion represents.

Leather is expensive, but that is just the price you have to pay for taste. However, with proper care leather jackets can last years and there are a million ways to reutilize them, what with increasingly less barriers in experimentation with Fashion and Style, this simple yet sexy accessory can be paired with a number of brilliant yet completely different outfits!

You might need a second job post purchase though. But hey, it’s totally worth it.

2. Crop out everything but crop tops!

It’s a secret that is yet to be told to the rest of the world, but crop tops weren’t the product of fashion in the 21st century, in fact they were reborn after a long well lived life in the era of 90’s fashion. And we can’t say we’re sorry. Crop tops are a must have for every fashionista, and all of us have at-least a few. It is so easy to generate a different vibe every time you wear the same crop top, because it enables people to add their creativity in distinctive ways to their outfit. You don’t have to change your sober crop top if your going from a prim and proper dinner to a party downtown, you can simply lift the vibe by adding a few subtle changes.

3. Mom jeans are back in the fashion household.

The fashion fan club simply doesn’t understand how exciting the revival of the mom jeans is YET! Mom jeans are just a simple pair of airy, comfortable, cotton denim pants that cinch up your waist and don’t strangulate the blood circulation in your thighs and that’s the beauty of them. The laid back vibe that comes with a pair of mom jeans and literally any top in the world is nothing but original!

4. Around the globe in round glasses and spectacles too!

What came across as a funky lift to your everyday outfit in the nineties, has simply become an absolute must have in 2019 especially if you like being spontaneous with fashion and simply looking good while at it. Colorful round glasses radiate a fun, care free vibe that we all can appreciate, and add that special oomph to your travelling wardrobe. Similarly, round clear spectacles are nothing short of genius either, no matter what the shape of your face is, you can sport rounded spectacles to any event and turn heads all around!

5. Down to the beach in our little Dungarees.

Dungarees hold the kind of vintage vibe that lives forever, so it wasn’t surprising when this specific item of clothing from the nineties made a well assured comeback to our closets. Denim dungarees come in a variety of sizes, which expresses the beginning of experimentation in fashion in the nineties. But like every other good thing in life, Dungarees have evolved and inspired similar other outfits to be brought out in the open such as fitted denim dresses, shorts, skirts and what not!

At the end of the day, it’s not about whether we like having fashion from the nineties back or not, because we simply love it. However, it would be nice to see a few brand new inventions create the same kind of hype that style pieces did in the nineties and have continued to do so throughout the 21st century. How long will the fashion world live off of left over from fashion mega minds from another era? It can only go on for so long. But we’re happy to be here for the ride.