According to Keanu Reeves Matrix 4 Is A Love Story

According to Keanu Reeves Matrix 4 Is A Love Story

According to Keanu Reeves, The Matrix 4 is a love story. In 1999 The Matrix franchise started and this film became an epic sci-fiction movie, in which Reeves played the role of Neo, since then, The Matrix franchise has prolonged into one of the most amazing sci-fi action movies in modern culture.

Now Reeves is returning to The Matrix World as Thomas Anderso, AKA Neo, after his death in the last film, Reeve is ready for The Matrix 4, nobody knows about the story of the new Matrix, but people are speculating how the director is planning to bring Neo back to life after Machines killed him.   

After the coronavirus pandemic hits the world The Matrix 4 production stopped and it was in the initial stage, In mid-May film production started again, and currently, Reeves is busy filming The Matrix 4 in Germany. Reeves tease movie details on BBC’s The One Show and said the film is a “love story” he also praised Lana Wachowski, who is worked on The Matrix Trilogy. More precisely he says, that Lana Wachowski has created an amazing story, lauding her for the complex script “that is a love story.” 

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Reeves also point out that The Matrix 4 story is set after the events of The Matrix Revolutions. The One show presenters press Reeves to know more about upcoming Matrix 4, but he remain silent and says Neo will not investing into the past, more Reeves adds that movie is “a call to wake up”  and also give hint of incredible action series as well. Reeves words shows the whole team working with dedication and passion on The Matrix 4.

As we see The Matrix 4 defined as a love story that brings to our mind a relationship between Neo and Trinity. So its an indication that their love story will be explored more in the new movie, and of course there will be a new character could be involved in a Matrix 4 love story. but the Neo and Trinity should play a main part in the story. Previously Reeves mentioned that Wachowski’s script is the main reason that he returned for The Matrix 4.