Adele and Simon Konecki End Their Marriage

Adele and Simon Konecki End Their Marriage

Fans are still confused about why Adele and Simon Konecki are ending their marriage and what information is going to become public in the coming days. Adele is no doubt the biggest artist of this generation. She is a multi-award-winning artist who is now a topic of discussion about keeping her divorce private.

Adele and Simon Konecki tied the knot in a secret ceremony back in 2016 and have a son who is 8 years old. In April 2019, Adele announced her separation and kept most of the information private. As per the court announcements, the divorce proceedings will be kept private.

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At Grammys, Adele revealed her marriage during the acceptance speech and she thanked him for all his support. The couple made it clear that their son is their top priority and their representatives said that Adele and her spouse have parted ways. They, however, said that they will be raising their son together with love and will ask for privacy.

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E! reported that the work stressed her in their relationship. According to a source, the couple had a lot of common things initially but eventually, things started to change. As she became a bigger star and went on huge tours and intense schedules and apparently Simon was OK for all that but eventually they just grew apart. 

The Judge in Los Angeles granted a privacy request for the couple upon their request. It means that all their information regarding the finances, sales, and other businesses will be kept confidential and not available to the public. The couple wants to maintain privacy in their matters for the sake of their son and will be working out on issues on their own.

The reason for filing the divorce is the irreconcilable issues between the couple in September 2019 and it is reported that they will be sharing the custody of their son.