Alamo Drafthouse will not open Texas theaters this weekend

Alamo Drafthouse will not open Texas theaters this weekend

Alamo Drafthouse announced that they will not reopen their Texas cinema on this weekend in response to the statement of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, he announced that from this Friday few businesses will start opening including movie theaters, with a limited crowd of 25 people. Due to coronavirus pandemic, all countries practice social distancing and lockdown in their countries, many businesses closed, movie theaters closed their gates, studios pushed back movie releases dates, and also shut down productions. The risk of spreading of coronavirus and extending the loss of lives all over the world, Abbott has elevated the quarantine lockdown orders on several Texas businesses, including movie theaters. But one of the most popular movie theaters chain Alamo Drafthouse is not willing to open its Texas cinema yet.

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On Twitter, Alamo’s official digital media team announced that they have no plans to reopen cinema this weekend, AMC and Cinemark theater chains also not planning to open theaters before July 17th probably Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster movie Tenet, expected to be released on July 17 on twitter statement they clear that they will not open until they can assure the safety of their customers, which requires new safety equipment and training of staff.  

Many think that relaxing in lockdown orders from Governor of Texas and other states is too early, their quick attempts to return to normal life will not a good decision case may increase and it will made quarantine lasting even longer. At this time the most important thing to do is to stay at home and practice social distancing, also take safety precautions to go outside if it’s absolutely necessary until this pandemic is over.

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For now, theaters are looking forward to the release of Tenet which is set to release on July 17, but if the film is pushed back, which is possible. Then maybe theaters will extend their closer.