America and George Floyd – A detailed Analysis

America and George Floyd – A detailed Analysis

USA population demographics are very dynamic. Its white population constitutes 73 percent of the total, whereas non-Hispanic whites make up 60.70 percent of the total population. 12.1% are Blacks that comes to 37 million approx., in intelligent numbers. That is a good portion of the population cake. More percentage of the low-income group comes from a low-income class of USA illegal immigrants and from this group.

George Floyd’s incident is not a new one.

Let us analyze the incident in detail? It went according to natural human psychology. Around 8.60 million people, the largest in decades, have filled income support due to job terminations in the USA, after the corona crisis has started. Even people who were amongst the good income group have come to poor category and are seen waiting in queues for small portions of food. Millions have become jobless in just four months. JC Penny is closing 150 stores. Many medium-sized businesses have already collapsed and have filed bankruptcy. In lost jobs data the majority were daily wagers, contracts, just in time employees or project employees, laborers, taxi drivers, cooks working at homes, tutors, cleaning jobs, vendors, vehicle cleaners, washers, barbers, professional cooks, waiters, sex workers and so on.

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Out of all this lot, unfortunately, most are low educated, illegal, and illiterate in the majority. They have been hit with dire financial issues. They do not know other ways to earn during the lockdown, do not have salaries, and are not taxpayers to neither claim any financial benefit from the Govt. nor have other channels of cash inflow. And most dangerously they have become hungry and frustrated.

What happened to George Floyd?

He went to a shop to buy something. He gave a 20 dollar note to the shop keeper. The shop keeper checked the note and informed the police that George was trying to buy items with fake dollar 20 notes. He tried to convince the police and shop keeper that note was not fake but they did not listen. Police tried to arrest him and in that mess, he was murdered by the brutal behavior of the police. A Police Officer grabbed his neck with his knee for 8 minutes and 42 seconds which lead to his death.

Reaction by people of USA

Was Floyd’s murder justified? The simple reply would be, without any doubt, No. But why things went so wrong? What was the cause? The cause was the fear of pandemic on the nerves of police officers, tense working, fearful environment, anxiety about family and fear of joblessness, and most importantly the social distancing. Because people are no more meeting each other their frustrations, anxieties and psychological pressure has no way to drain out. When people meet, they discuss, they chat, they mingle and feel each other they share and shed off all negative thoughts and this thing generates peace in the society. However, since the last four months, people have not been able to share and shed off negative energies. This concentration of negative thoughts, media inflow of Corona information is leading to such incidents.

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Domestic violence has also increased which is also an offshoot of the same issue and a clear sign of turbulence in the social system. This needs more patience at the individual and state levels. People with jobs, with good incomes and with good status should have to show more patience and reverence to the destitute sectors of the society. Their class and their positions need more responsibility and more kind of behavior.

George Floyd’s death in such a situation was just an ignition to turn the very big mass’s engine on. All frustration, psychological tension, and anxiety have got a natural way to get out, and that energy ruined on the streets. That was public anger mixed with sentiments for George Floyd and his brutal murder. The fire of mass demonstrations was started in Egypt in the same way.

Lesson to Learn

The lesson to learn for the Govt and for all administrations is that in such situations, when the public at large is struggling for the livelihood, its machinery must be very careful in dealing with any individual as any inhuman attitude with anyone can lead to mass destructions. And secondly, in such human calamities, the State should be seen standing with each individual in his support. There should be a system to address the problems of taxpayers and nontax payers.

Moving forward, post corona, the world is changing. The job structure shall also be changing a lot. The jobs which used to be considered office-based shall get no boundaries onward. The Govt. should look for more broadband ways than highways and wide streets. In the same way, its state and institution priority is to train the young slot for such changes so that the dependency of physical work is minimized to earn a living.