Apple and Google’s Tracing Tool for Coronavirus

Apple and Google’s Tracing Tool for Coronavirus

Apple and Google’s Tracing Tool announced a contact tracing platform based on Bluetooth which can alert people if they’re exposed to coronavirus. 

Apple and Google’s Tracing Tool can play an essential role in ending the pandemic through stay at home orders. Both type of softwares will use Bluetooth LE signals for contract tracing. If two persons are close to each other the device will exchange an identification key anonymously alerting them that they’re having close contact. If someone is diagnosed with the pandemic the information will be shared through the app. Other people will be notified who are close to that particular infected person to self quarantine themselves. Your details such as name, location or any other personal data won’t be shared.

Apple and Google’s Tracing Tool

This all will be launched by Google and Apple in two phases. Initially they’re working on the launch of first  phase which is alllicstion programming interface (API). The API ensures that the users can trace despite of the operating systems they are using. However, the app will be restricted to official apps which are released by publish Heath authorities on Play Store and Apple Store.

Initially, the app will be working without knowing which person is using which software. This means that person with app A can exchange keys with App B person only if they’re using the same API. 

The second phase is about adding the Opt-in tracking of the softwares. The goal of this phase is you would have to opt the app into your phone settings. This will exchange the identification key without having any third party app included. If you’re exposed to someone with the disease your phone will signal you.

However some of the glitches are yet to be answered in Apple and Google’s Tracing Tool like what kind of the notification will pop up or what detail would be mentioned. 

Apple and Google’s Tracing Tool

What happens to the infected ones?

If you have been confirmed positive with the COVID-19, your 14 days keys will be uploaded to the system server which will automatically come in the key list and send exposure notification. The app would have to make sure that the person is really infected otherwise it will only cause chaos. 

What happens to the exposed ones?

When people share their data, the phone will check for the key matches and then will notify you if you’re exposed or not. The alert on Google will appear simply like ‘you’ve recently been exposed to someone with positive COVID-19 test’ and a link will be shared for more details.

However we stress upon the reality that all this cannot replace the conventional contact tracing system and if the app works it will be a value added platform, easy to use without compromising on anyone’s privacy.

More details about this app are yet to be revealed.