Away Feeling by Spliffy Mars – Album Review

Away Feeling by Spliffy Mars – Album Review

Spliffy Mars has released his brand-new album and we couldn’t be more excited. The popular artist of hey,mars? and Strictly 4 My Rounds is back with a bang and it’s safe to say that he doesn’t disappoint. Packed with fast-paced and energetic rap, Away Feeling is a whole new level of rap.

The upbeat background music, the punchy lyrics, and of course, the powerful fast-paced rap make it quite an interesting pick. Although the pace makes it a little hard for you to understand the lyrics, the tracks were still thoroughly enjoyable. Spliffy Mars takes his inspiration from Kanye West, Nirvana, Jay Electronica, and Future, and some of their styles are reflected in his albums. However, he still possesses a unique personal style that remains unparalleled in the rap industry. 

There are a total of sixteen tracks in this album and each one lives up to our expectations. Away Feeling is one album that does not disappoint, even one bit. Our favorite track from this album has to be Whoeva (featuring KaeSav). Energetic, lively, and upbeat, this track is the second most popular track on his profile, and for good reason. The contrasting vocals of the two rappers provide variety and give a synchronized harmony to the overall track. The distinct composition and the aesthetic elements in the track also make it quite different from the other tracks. 

Moreover, the enjoyable beats and the energy makes it a perfect pick for sad days, or times when you need to cheer yourself up and feel more confident. 

Another pick from “Away Feeling” has to be Paparazzi/ Groupie. This dynamic song features melodiously upbeat music combined with a punchy, fast-paced rap that fits so well with the mild background music and provides an overall balance that listeners are sure to love. 

Spliffy Mars has surely come a long way in his musical career. Starting in 2018, his style and vocals have been refined continuously. He has repeatedly stated that he only makes music about what he has been through and this album surely recollects some of those experiences. 

Overall, this album is a fabulous pick and if you haven’t checked it out yet, we strongly encourage you to do so. It is available on Apple Music, Soundcloud, and all major streaming platforms. It is available on Spotify at this link:

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