Batman’s Budget Revealed – Giacchino’s score completed!

Batman’s Budget Revealed – Giacchino’s score completed!

Batman’s budget has been revealed and it was not what we expected!

The initial glimpse of DCEU’s latest entry, The Batman indeed looks very promising. Robert Pattinson in Batman as the titular character does add a certain charm. With director Matt Reeves on board, this new take on the caped crusader focuses more on the detective side with prominent villains such as Colin Farrel (the Penguin), Zoë Kravitz (Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman), Andy Serkis (Alfred), Paul Dano (the Riddler), and Jefferey Wright (Jim Gordan).

The movie also explores a possible reason for Gotham’s deep-rooted mistrust for Batman. The official trailer released at the 2021 DC FanDome event sheds some light on why the Police and the city, in general, don’t like their hero much. Although the Riddler’s face isn’t shown in the trailer, it is pretty much evident that he stirs up the most trouble for Batman. In a surprising turn of events, it is indicated that the Riddler wrecks havoc in the city to get Batman’s attention. This is further indicated by the dialogue  “I’ve been trying to reach you.

So, it does make a little sense why the people and Police of Gotham city are not the biggest fans of Batman (because they somehow blame him for Riddler’s twisted antics). It doesn’t help that the Riddler is portrayed as a serial killer in this version. People who have lost their loved ones to a villain stirring up trouble in order to get Batman’s attention, well, it does make sense for them to hold some animosity against the caped crusade. Despite his good intentions, we would hold a grudge against the gorgeous hero too, if I were in their place.

The Batman is all set to release on March 4th, 2022 after a series of delays, thanks to the Covid pandemic. Ensuring proper safety protocols and on-set testing for the cast does take both time and money. In fact, it was reported that the total costs of on-set Covid-19 testing for Jurassic World: Dominion was $3 million!

However, we were quite surprised to learn that the crew has managed to keep the budget quite low for this project. According to Deadline, the total Batman’s budget is $100 million. As of yet, Warner Bros has neither confirmed nor denied these reports.

Of course, it is entirely possible that the movie was planned on an even lower budget, but the Covid-19 pandemic added to the total cost. Either way, The Batman is one of the lowest budgeted main series of Batman movies after Batman Forever (1995). It is worth remarking that the movie features the score from Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino (For Up in 2010). According to the director, Matt Reeves, the score for the movie was completed on Oct 22nd, and the “Can’t wait for people to hear your (Micheal Giacchino’s) incredible score.”

Though we now know Batman’s budget and latest updates, there is a little wait till the movie’s release, but from the brief glimpses, it is fair to conclude that the score is impeccable, which is only to be expected from such a talented composer. Giacchino has previously scored for blockbusters such as  Spider-Man: HomecomingThe Incredibles, and Doctor Strange.