Batmobile Concept Art Shows Clear Picture of Early Design

Batmobile Concept Art Shows Clear Picture of Early Design

After seeing the new pictures of batmobile, fans got a better idea of how it will look in the upcoming batman movie in which for the first time Robert Pattison is playing the role of Bruce Wayen. The Batman is directed and co-written by Matt Reeves. The cast is excited about the script with Robert Pattison there are several other Hollywood big names included in the Batman cast like: Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell. All three will play the role of Batman villains, Jeffrey Wright will play the role of James Gordon, Gotham City Police commissioner.

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Since the Batman movie was announced everyone was speculating about how the Batmobile looked like. However in March Matt Reeves posted a first look of batmobile and most of the fans compared it with a muscle car, some fans felt the new version of Batmobile is quite simpler than the previous versions of Batmobile. The first look that Reeves provided is not clear and it is difficult to see the specific feature of Batmobile.

But now the new pictures of early design of the Batmobile gave a clear look. According to a twitter user BatRobert the pictures of Batmobile design were originally posted on Jeff Frost’s website, but the images were taken down from the website. Frost is a sculpture and model maker who also worked on many of Blockbuster projects including the DC Extended Universe movie  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Check out the lastest images below:

Comparing with the first look that Matt Reeves posted to the final Batmobile images it looks like a lot of things are still the same like back lights are similar but slightly different, the hood of the car is changed, and orange lights on either sides are gone in the photo that Reeves shared.

Batmobile is an important part of The Batman and it’s captivating to look at the design which obviously raises the bar for fans expectations so we can see that there is lots of pressure to give something new and fresh by staying true to the soul of the model. We are hoping that this early design makes fans more excited to see the final looks on the screen. The Batman is planned to hit the theaters in June 2021