Bella Hadid Instagram Posts –Calvin-Klein Swimsuit campaign

Bella Hadid Instagram Posts –Calvin-Klein Swimsuit campaign

Bella Hadid figured out the way to stay in news during the COVID-19 situation. She has been posting and engaging her fans through her social media or we can say she knows how to stay in news even during the lockdown.  She has been posting fashion editorials in her family farm, bold Jacquemus campaign through Facetime, posing with cupcakes, and Vogue’s cover magazine through Zoom.

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Bella Hadid might be missing the old times when art was not at the mercy of smartphone and wifi. Bella Hadid the weekend master posted four splendid pictures on social media from her Calvin-Klein swimwear campaign. She is seen wearing bikini and one-pieces. She wrote that she is so grateful for having the opportunity and she loved working with these awesome people. She further added that she loves her team and misses the time she spends with them. Bella Hadid style was a creation by Clare Byrne and shot was done by Charlotte Wales.

She posted a happy photo in the pool with the team, whether it be a technician, make-up artists, or lightning technician staying around people was normal and fun. The picture takes us to the time when there was no social distancing or sanitizing all the time. The shot looked like a strange thing in today’s world so she captioned it right that the post is from 1 year ago Calvin-Klein Campaign.

Calvin-Klein swimwear campaign, and other off the site work that she has been doing during the lockdown is the reminder that only celebrities can influence people to adopt the new normal and still managing to stay in news. However, on a positive side it may give hope to people in the field that time will change and one day everything will be back to where it was before the pandemic.

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Bella is a fearless and bold girl. She cannot be stopped from what and how she is doing it. Recently he has been furious towards Instagram because they took down a picture of her father’s passport claiming it to violate the standards of community guideline. Instagram apologized for the mistake when she mentioned it and the spokesperson said as the passport number was blurred out it should not have been removed from the platform. She was hurt that the birthplace mentioned was Palestine though the passport was American. Her father is a real estate player.

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May 20.2020

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