The Way Back: Ben Affleck- A Sorrowful & Alcoholic Basketball Coach

The Way Back: Ben Affleck- A Sorrowful & Alcoholic Basketball Coach

Ben Affleck as Jack is an alcoholic who leads the high school basketball team in the movie The Way Back. The movie will make you think that some of the bits are based on his real-life struggles with addiction.

Jack (Ben Affleck) in The way Back movie is a construction worker, who lost his wife, career in basketball and chances to live a normal and successful life. He is facing his demons on daily basis and instead of dealing with them he is just drinking them away! Then life gives him a chance to become a basketball coach in a high school and this is the moment where he can turn his life around and stop drinking too.

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Affleck took this role deliberately as he could see some similarities in the fictional character with himself. Affleck has dealt with addiction issues since the 1980s. The movie started its shoot when Affleck was done with his rehab program back in 2018. Affleck once told the reporters that the addiction problem and mental illness runs in the family. Moreover, he mentions that the legacy is pretty strong and it becomes very difficult to shake them.

The marital issues shown in the movie also reflect Affleck’s real-life when the news broke that Affleck was caught cheating his wife Jennifer Garner with their nanny. Few weeks later, Garner and Affleck announced their separation. Affleck still believes that divorce was the biggest regret of his life.

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The Way Back is a movie in which the stardom Ben Affleck plays a despairing actor from being once a superhero in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Affleck’s role in The Way Back seems to be the most interesting character of his entire career.

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