Benefits of Reading – Make It Your Top Priority!

Benefits of Reading – Make It Your Top Priority!

People have been writing and reading books for centuries, and they will keep on writing and reading in the future as well. Someone is writing or reading a book somewhere as you are reading this. Due to social media apps and digitalization, book reading habit is on the decline which left us out in extracting benefits of reading. People often make the excuse of not having time but they can spend hours in front of their television or mobile phone. Reading does to your mind what exercise/yoga does to your body. It helps in improving your mental health, memory, cognitive thinking, analytical and decision making skills, reducing stress, and most of all it is the most reliable source of information and knowledge.

Book reading inspires and motivates people in finding their hidden talent. According to a survey, 75% of successful people read at least 2 books per month no matter how busy their routine is. Making reading habit means to give it a priority over other non-productive activities. Benefits of reading books are unlimited and it would take forever to list-down all of them but here we enlist the benefits of reading for different segments of people.  

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Benefits of Reading aloud during Pregnancy

Reading is becoming a common practice during pregnancy around the world. As the brain of the baby in the womb is growing with a very rapid speed, the benefits of reading aloud in pregnancy are worth it. It develops the fetus literacy skills and helps in brain and language development. Research suggests that a fetus is able to hear from the outer world from 18 weeks and the last 10 weeks of pregnancy are more important as the fetus can recognize her mother’s voice and can also respond to several voices.

For childern

Reading to kids has splendid advantages in their cognitive and personality development. It will help in improving their vocabulary, focus, intelligence, memory and knowledge. Reading to a child helps them in developing emotions, understanding of right and wrong, and helps them in improved imagination. One of the benefits of reading before bed is sound sleep.

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For Students

If you are a student, it is a bright chance for you to develop a reading habit. You can start reading for fun, and then with time switch to other genres. If you are a parent of a student, reward them, challenge them, and question them about books they read. Try to develop reading as their habit by reading along with them. Reading before bedtime is the most productive habit one can have. Do you remember if any physics or mathematic equation has solved any problem or confusion in your life? No, but the books of any genre that you read leave a mark on your thinking and help you deal with your life in long-run.

For an Entrepreneur

Everything happening around us has an impact on our thinking and attitude. Do you know you are the average of five people that surround you? You adopt the habits, catchphrases, language, activities of the people around you. Most of the successful people already had a mentor or a close friend who is successful. Here we ask you an important question. Do you know someone in your closed ones who is successful? If no, then how would you tap the wisdom of successful people in your life? Reading Books is the answer. Most of the good books are written by successful people and reading the extract of their experiences, thinking, and accomplishment will help you in becoming one of them. Read biographies and autobiographies of successful businessman and entrepreneurs, you can read books related to business strategies and management etc. It will broaden your scope of thinking and will help in your business strategies.

For a person with a job

People judge you on the basis of what you say. Books give you the intellect to talk to others. You may get a topic to discuss with your boss, colleagues, superiors etc. Reading helps you improving your analytical, writing and problem-solving skills. Books may help you in finding the right direction for your path. It helps reduce stress as well. Reading polished your decision making skills and directs you to the path of leadership. Leaders have a common habit of reading which make their personality and communication charismatic.

For Senior Citizens

Reading as a habit becomes your skin; you cannot get rid of it. Benefits of reading every day are good memory, reduced stressed levels, and increased brain function. According to Daily Express, reading helps not just in fighting off dementia, instead, reading helps in preventing the disease. Have you heard the figure “Book is your closest friend”? You should start reading with pleasure and make it your friend, it will not let you feel lonely and help you in passing your time in a good way.

In the end, we would say that start from somewhere; you can start reading for fun –stories, novel, suspense etc. – and switch to the serious reading afterwards. When you develop a habit of reading, this will stick to you as your own skin, which is not so easy to remove. It is never too late to start reading no matter what, start it tonight, read a few pages before sleeping and let us know in comments about how you felt?