Best Bluetooth Speakers 2021: According to your budget

Best Bluetooth Speakers 2021: According to your budget

If you love music and podcasts it is likely that you’re regularly playing these audio files off your phone. If you’d like to upgrade the sound and make sure that you can listen with a high definition sound in every room, the best Bluetooth speakers for 2021 are a great solution for taking your sound everywhere.

Portable and durable designs offer fantastic audio. Whether you’re planning on heading out into the backyard or relaxing at home, the best Bluetooth speakers for 2021 can be a sound investment in getting great music everywhere.

Bluetooth speakers have come a long way and many of the top Bluetooth speakers have Google assistant and Alexa built into them. You can control functions on the speaker as well as on your phone all from the speaker. What’s even more impressive is that these Bluetooth speakers offer an incredible quality of sound. Many people have had to install speaker systems throughout their home or even rely on large-scale sound bars and surround sound systems. With Bluetooth speakers, you can hook up to a high definition sound with a simple setup.

The best Bluetooth speakers for 2021 come with the ability of being able to stay plugged in or go wireless. You can find powerful speakers that can last for several hours on a battery charge that can still put out an amazing amount of bass and sound wattage.

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Just a small Bluetooth speaker might be enough for you to have music pumping through your house. Without further ado we would like to go through the best Bluetooth speakers for 2021 so that you can find out which one is going to suit your lifestyle best:

Best Bluetooth Speakers 2021

The Sonos Roam:

Sonos has been a major player in whole home audio as well as the Bluetooth audio market for several years. The company has been producing high-quality sound design and delivering excellent qualities of Bluetooth speakers into the market. The Sonos Roam is no exception and a small Bluetooth speaker weighing in at just .95 pounds and offering a battery life of up to 10 hours at a time.

Charging on the Sonos Roam happens quickly and you can enjoy using the speaker while it’s plugged in. Devices can connect via NFC, Wifi and Bluetooth audio. In its compact form, this device has been one of the best Bluetooth speakers for 2021 because it offers one tweeter and one Midwoofer for an extremely powerful and compact design. The only complaints with this small devices that the base can sometimes get overwhelming when compared to some of the other speakers that have a higher tone to them.

UE Boom 3:

UE is a company that’s been making some of the best Bluetooth speakers for travel for several years. It also deserves a spot on our best Bluetooth speakers for 2021 because of its excellent battery life and its surprisingly lightweight design. Although it isn’t as lightweight as the Sonos, it’s much cheaper and it offers a longer battery life as well. Although the sound quality differs slightly, it offers two drivers, 2 passive radiators, and the ability to connect over Wi-Fi and NFC.

The UE Boom is the perfect outdoor speaker because it also comes with a dustproof and waterproof design, it’s built rugged for travel and it is ready to take on nearly any environment. It’s tough to find a Bluetooth speaker that can perform well in so many different places. Although the audio could be slightly clearer, the power is here and this is a versatile speaker that will reach the heights of most best Bluetooth speakers for 2021 lists.

JBL Flip 5:

As the cheapest option on our list, this is the perfect choice for many budget-concerned users. If you’re looking for a standard and no-frills Bluetooth speaker that has engaging sound, this is a fantastic midrange choice. The charging system is proprietary so this can make it a little bit slower to charge the battery life is 12 hours on a full charge. Including a 40 mm driver, the Bluetooth-only play back here comes with everything you need to stream your favorite music and podcasts from any device.

There’s no microphone for hands-free calls or any type of control features, but this is a device that can provide you with an excellent speaker in a no-frills Bluetooth format. It comes in a range of beautiful colors and it’s made out of mostly recycled materials. If you’re just looking for a standard Bluetooth speaker at a great price, this deserves a spot on your radar as the best Bluetooth speakers for 2021.

Best Bluetooth Speakers 2021

The Bose Home portable speaker:

Bose has entered into the portable Bluetooth speaker market with a heavier and high fidelity option. This is one of the most expensive portable speakers on our list but it comes with a wealth of features including some of the best well-balanced sound you’ll find in any portable speaker.

Marketed as a direct alternative to Sonos brands, this 2.4-pound speaker has a battery life of 12 hours with Google Assistant and Alexa. This is a smart home device that you can take on the go. It outdoor friendly with a resilient design and it offers the best portable sound for this year.

Best Bluetooth Speakers 2021

Sonos Move:

As the direct competitor to the Bose Home portable speaker, the Sonos Move deserves a spot on the best Bluetooth speakers for 2021. This is the heaviest speaker on our list but it also offers a direct USB charging system, wifi connectivity, Bluetooth and NFC.

The device has a class D digital amplifier, two mid-woofers, and one down-firing tweeter. It’s an extremely powerful smartphone device that you can also take on the go. The device may not be as feature-rich as the Bose option but it has some of the best low and sound that you will find on any portable Bluetooth speaker.

If you’re interested in finding the best Bluetooth speakers for 2021 it’s a great option to choose any of these top speakers this year. While they vary in their price and their features, all of them offer some of the best value, sound, and ease of use today.