Best Goal Tracker Apps That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Best Goal Tracker Apps That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

In this era, the world is changing so fast and becoming much busier that we don’t get time for ourselves. Our focus relies on our jobs, getting daily tasks done, and contributing to organizational goals. On an everyday basis, we are so busy giving our best in order to get promoted by completing daily tasks that we forget about ourselves. We are so stuck that we forget that we have to look after our own personal health goals that are mental, physical, and spiritual goals. we are bringing together 2020 best goal tracker apps that you can choose according to your requirements.

We try to manage and balance all things in our lives by having different goals to achieve, these goals include everyday life basics, job, health, fitness, beauty, family plans, and many others.

Sitting and writing down goals is not only a good habit but an important one. Many successful people say that in order to achieve goals you need to set them first. Many of us do that but we forget or fail to track our goals because of our daily busy lives.

In this modern world, we have such advanced technology in our hands. Like Smartphones, Indeed Smartphones create distractions but we can use it for good.

There are millions of best goal tracker apps and daily task management apps available on android and iPhone.

These goal tracker apps are quite easy to use, they are not just tracking our goals but also giving us reminders to achieve our goals.

Through these apps, we can also manage our daily tasks. These goal tracker apps can organize our way of life which ultimately improves our journey towards a healthy, prosperous, and successful life.

As you know there are lots of goal tracker Apps available so it’s hard to find one, the one which is perfect for you. Consider anyone of them and give it a try to make yourself efficient.

Best Goal Tracker Apps


Lifetick is an online desktop based App. It will help you in achieving long-term goals successfully.

When you set goals, Lifetick will guide you through sets of questions to make sure that you have higher chance to achieve it.

If you want to set long-terms goals about degree completion, financing, buy a house, lose weight or family common goals this app is perfect for you. Key features of this app are:

  • Reminders
  • Journaling
  • Reports and charts
  • Due dates
  • S.M.A.R.T. methodology

Lifetick also allows you to set group goals with your family, friends, and work colleagues.

In this app, you can track your progress through charts and reports also you can write your own journal entries like save $3000 in 2020, kitchen design is complete, MBA is complete.

You can add four goals in the free version, if you want to add more you can upgrade to the app premium version for the entire year.

Best Goal Tracker Apps


If you want to organize your daily tasks and achieve long and short term goals on time.

So Strides is definitely for you this app allows you to track the progress of your goals and daily tasks, strides will manage all of them and you can do customizations according to your needs.

Through this app you can breakdown bigger goals and tasks into smaller easier to achieve parts.

Strides offer four distinctive tracking options (Target-Project-Habit-Average) with these options will help to maintain and attain your daily tasks and goals.

Its dashboard will show you useful charts of your progress and you can track and adjust easily.

This app also helps you in changing your habits like No Junk Food, Drinking water habits, sleep early, do meditation, saving, etc. This app is available on iOS.

Best Goal Tracker Apps

Google Goals

Google Calendar also helps you to set and manage your goals and daily tasks. It’s very simple just click on the plus sign and set your upcoming events and reminders daily-monthly-yearly and also you can set goals too.

Google Calendar will help you to manage your time and give you reminder to meet your goals and tasks on time.

Best Goal Tracker Apps

Way of Life

If you are facing difficulty in breaking bad habits and adapting good habits. So the Way of Life app will you help you to track your good and bad habits.

This app is simple in use and shows you charts and graphs of your progress also you can add note and customized charts.

App will give you daily reminders according to your daily goals so you can track which goals are completed and which are not. Way of Life app is aviable on Android and iOS. There are two versions of app free and premium in free version you can add 3 goals.


Toodledo offers you flexibility and variety to manage and achieve your tasks and personal goals efficiently. This app allows you to customize app system according to your needs, also you can set reminders, deadlines and put daily tasks on recurrence. This app is available on Android and iOS.

Goals on Track

Goals in track is web-based software also available in app on iOS. This app is for those who want track their goals smartly and efficiently. App dashboard gives you customizable view of your goals and tasks that you need to do and habits that you want to retain.

In this app you will a form. Through this form you can create smart goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound). This app also supports multi-level goal structure means you can breakdown your big and long term goals into sub goals into sub goals.

Goals on track offer you a Goal journal feature through this you can write progress and details of your goals, habit, and task.


Streaks app is quite a simple, attractive, and engaging app. In this app, you can make a To-do list to adopt good habits. When you complete your daily task, streaks will refresh for the next day. You can create up to 12 tasks like:

  • Morning walk
  • Eat veggies
  • Don’t Smoke
  • Read book

If you so want to adapt good habits and don’t want to lose the tempo so don’t break the chain otherwise streak will reset to zero. Like not all tasks are for everyday so can select specific days for specific tasks such as: Monday to Friday (Walk), 4 days per week (Gyming), diet cheat day (Sat and Sunday).

This app is available on IPhone, Apple Watch, Mac and IPad. Streaks automatically connects with iOS health app and track your goals, also you can see your remaining and completed tasks on your Apple Watch.


Fabulous app helps you in developing good habits that are important for your health and well-being. It is a science-based app, developed in Duke University (Behavioral Economic Lab).

Through Fabulous you can increase your body energy level, lose weight and enjoy vibrant healthy life by adapting healthy habits and routines.

In-app you will see journey aka goals means if you want to start the journey towards healthy life so Fabulous act as a life coach it will help you and recommend you a list of habits like “drink more water”

if you want to transform yourself, this app is definitely helps you. Fabulous is available on Android and iOS.

If your main purpose is to adopt good habits, so is perfect for you. This app gives you a list of habits, from the given list you can choose habits that you want to break or adapt.

When you choose habit this will become a part of your main goal. The main feature of App are:

  • You can track your progress
  • Set targets and reminders
  • Get hi-fives
  • See trends of your progress on a weekly and monthly basis
  • Step-by-step plans
  • Q&A
  • You can see your progress on Apple Watch.

The app will encourage you to join their community where you can post your progress or accomplished tasks, also there are coaches available in case you want help to accomplish any task. This app is available on Android and iOS.