Best Xbox One headsets 2021: For impressive experience

Best Xbox One headsets 2021: For impressive experience

If you are an avid gamer it’s likely that you’re also playing online quite regularly or you are interested in immersing yourself in the game with a pair of quality headphones. I decent headset helps you to get even more value out of your favorite games. You will be amazed at the difference that quality sound can be making certain titles. If you’re an avid gamer, it’s likely that you want to pick up the Best Xbox One headsets for your playing experience.

Getting the best Xbox one headset could help you get an advantage in your favorite games. Imagine being able to hear the footsteps of the enemy or to experience better sound quality when talking to your teammates. There’s options in almost every configuration for Xbox one headsets and whether you’re interested in wired, wireless, outrageous or subtle, we have a number of great options that you can choose for this year. Here are the best Xbox one headsets to try today:

Best Xbox One headsets

Turtle Beach stealth 600 gen 2:

Turtle beach as a brand has come a long way since its line of aftermarket controllers and headsets. The Turtle Beach Stealth offers some of the best spatial audio that you’ll receive on the Xbox thanks to its Windows sonic spatial audio onboard software.

The microphone monitoring ensures that your connection to your teammates is configured in perfect high-fidelity sound. The wireless headset also pairs directly with any Xbox One console in a seamless manner. This is a headset that’s designed specifically for the Xbox one and if you’re not planning on using a headset with other consoles or on your PC, this is definitely the option to choose for the best Xbox one headset this year.

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Razer Nari Ultimate:

Razer is a company that’s been a part of professional gaming for years and Razer was interested in creating the ultimate headset design with this latest innovation. The Nari is a very strong current headphones that are designed to last and work on multiple consoles.

Although they were not designed specifically for the Xbox one, they are a quality headset that you can use amongst any console and four an amazing level of gaming. Razer design these headphones for pros and they have very feature-rich configurations or a very simple and straightforward design out-of-the-box.

The sound in these headphones is solid and there’s connectivity cater to any console. The plug-and-play with almost any device and they are extremely comfortable and lightweight for long hours of use. If you are looking for the best wireless gaming headset model on the market for multiple consoles and devices, this is it.

Corsair HS50:

For an excellent budget purchase, wired headphones can get the job done. This high-quality and low-cost option from Corsair can help you save on costs while still getting amazing sound quality. These wired headphones don’t have the surround sound that you can find on many new model headphones but it does have a microphone that can be swapped out and a fantastic microphone quality as well.

These are headphones that can suit almost any budget and they’re very comfortable and sturdy over years of use. If you just want a comfortable pair of headphones that are going to give you a slight sound improvement and an excellent headset for talking to your friends, these are a great choice.

Best Xbox One headsets

Astro A50:

These are some of the most expensive headphones for the Xbox one on the market. They were developed for call of duty and they are the generation 4 model of the headset. The futuristic design and the peerless audio and comfort that you can get with this headset makes it an absolute must for pro-gamers.

If you regularly find yourself taking on long sessions or you’re looking for some of the best high-end surround sounds from a gaming headset today, these are the choice for you. At roughly US$300 they’re not within budget for many gamers but they offer fast wireless charging, full surround sound, excellent microphone quality, and one of the most futuristic designs from any headset today.

LED functionality along the sides of the headset allows you to quickly adjust volume levels, enable surround sound, choose audio profiles for specific games, and more. The real showcase here is the lightweight comfort this device offers over long periods of play.

Turtle Beach Elite pro with tactical audio:

As a second entry from Turtle Beach, this device features a superior sound quality and is one of the most expensive headsets turtle Beach produces. The build quality here is excellent and this is a headset that is designed to last over years.

The elite Pro headset is built for pro-gamers and it has a series of touches and settings that can help it stand apart from the competition. The sound quality is superb but it doesn’t have the surround sound enabled like some other gaming models. It’s fairly pricey but it offers a wonderful level of comfort over long play sessions. Turtle beach developed this for greater compatibility across PC gaming, Xbox One, and PlayStation.

It ranks amongst the best Xbox one headsets because it’s regularly used by programmers and it has some of the most comfortable pads on the market. The tactical audio controller is an extra sound control feature apart from the headphone that enables a sound card of Dolby 7.1 surround sound.

This headset truly shines when you plug in this adapter and control the functions of the headset through it. The headset plugs into a controller on its own is not that impressive but as soon as you add the tactical audio controller, this becomes a pro headset for use on any device. If you are looking for a quality headset for multiple devices, this is a wonderful option from Turtle Beach.

If you are interested in picking up the very best headsets for Xbox one, any of these options will serve you well whether you’re going to be gaining professionally or if you would just like to experience true immersive sound with some of your favorite gaming titles.