Bill Gates Steps Down From Microsoft

Bill Gates Steps Down From Microsoft

Microsoft Company announced that Bill Gates has left the board of Microsoft and plans to spend more of his time on his charitable activities. He plans to stay the technology advisor to CEO Satya Nadella but removed himself from the involvement in the company matters.

Bill Gates has been leading the company since the 80s and now his focus is towards contributing to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through which he catered enormous global health issues.

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He was a part of the company and chaired it till 2014 but now it has been official that he will only be there occasionally to brain Nadella and his team.

Nadella reported to the news that it was an absolute honor to work with a person like Gates over the decades and is really thankful for his friendship and moreover looking ahead to continue working with him on the side to empower everyone in the company in order to grow the company and achieve much more.

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Microsoft has brought the best of the technologies due to Gates intellect and experience. Moreover, Gates Foundation has also been very influential in a quieter and humane manner. This seems to be Gates second legacy that will definitely outshine his first one!