Birds of Prey sequel and Fan Favorite character. Can you guess which one?

Birds of Prey sequel and Fan Favorite character. Can you guess which one?

Does anyone remember the iconic friendship of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in the comics? Looks like the comic friendship between the two will be seen onscreen by the fans in the upcoming Birds of Prey sequel in future.

Birds of Prey introduced tons of new characters in DCEU which helped Gotham City grow and also gave Harley Quinn a cool girl gang. Harley Quinn is the most loved character in the Batman series back from the comics. This character was everywhere in the cartoon series as well as video games. During the period of comics and cartoons in 90’s, the friendship of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy started which gave fans another reason to stay hooked.

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Cathy Yan’s commitment in making sure that the diehard fans of the comics get the pleasure of seeing these two together is what amps up the excitement. Watching the two of them together brings another villain into the ground which will make the series even more interesting as the first series has a lot of heros to showcase with Margot Robbie.

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Having a romantic relationship between the duo is also another aspect of this friendship as read in the comics so having these two play that out on screen will open another interesting chapter in the series as the two have different personality dynamics. One can easily pull out different tales from this relationship.

Harley’s sexuality was already pointed out in the first series of Birds of Prey so this comes as no surprise that she and poison ivy might be onto something other than friendship. Poison ivy isn’t just Cathy Yan’s interest to bring her into the Birds of Prey sequel, looks like Margot Robbie has also found herself interested into bringing the character to DCEU so it still remains to be seen whether this duo will come on the Birds of Prey sequel or Gotham City Sirens.