Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson updated fans about the project.

Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson updated fans about the project.

After years of waiting, Dc and Dwayne Johnson fans got good news in last October, Dwayne Johnson declared when he was going to start filming of DC Black Adam, at the moment he was not sure then next summer, now exactly six month later, things are not going as planned due to coronavirus pandemic, all films production and release are off scheduled. Now we are expecting that project will roll cameras in August or maybe in September.

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Since the Coronavirus spread worldwide people start doing social distancing by staying at home, after the lockdown some directors keep updating fans about the products progress and also Dwayne Johnson is extremely active on social media and regularly come to live and do chats with his fans from his house, during his recent live session on Instagram he gave an interesting update about Black Adam when one website asked about the project he said, 

Black Adam

The studio announced that they will be putting Black Adam the comic book blockbuster in theaters on December 22, 2021, so that means the film has more than a year to wind up all its production and post-production work and make it amazing as possible.

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Dwayne Johnson can’t wait to start working on Black Adam, and he is very passionate about the project. He also confirms that he is doing training for months to prepare himself as an anti-hero role in the Black Adam, back in January Dwayne Johnson announced about the preparation that’s he doing for the project. Also, he continuously teasing other heroes of DC Extended Universe, you can imagine him that he is trying to get bigger than before he is for the DC Comic book blockbuster.

Besides acting in Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson is also working as an executive producer of the project. Adam Sztykiel who write the script of Johnson video game movie Rampage is also handling the script of Black Adam. Jaume Collet-Serra will be the director of the project, who also collaborated with Johnson in the upcoming adventure film Jungle Cruise. Right now everyone project in Hollywood is delayed, so now we have to wait and see that Black Adam starts its filming on its planned schedule. Stay tuned with buzzwonder for more new updates.