Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Most “Black Mirror” episodes start slow while evoking a lot of questions on the viewers’ mind, so did the

“Bandersnatch”. However, “Bandersnatch” not being an episode from one of the season but an

The exclusive episode has a unique feature of enabling the viewer to make choices for the progression of

The story. The writer has given the control of the storyline of the episode to the viewer but after going

Through the episode, the viewer usually asks himself/herself, “Was I really in control of the story?”

“Your choice won’t make you in control of the story, I still control the story”

This can be applied to the story of the episode “Bandersnatch” and also to the game that is being

Developed by the protagonist in this episode. This episode is lengthier than the usual episodes of

“Black mirror” but then it also has an unusual essence to it.

The episode “Bandersnatch” of the series Black Mirror has some mix reviews because of the viewers

Feel that in spite of the fact that they are making the choices for the story, still, they aren’t in control of

It and then they don’t understand the concept of giving the choices to the viewers. If it’s not giving

Them the power to control the story then what is the point of such a feature.

Bandersnatch Contiguity

Well the people that feel this, must watch it again because while the protagonist is developing the

Game and giving a brief to his agency, he says that the person playing this game would feel that he/she

Is in control whereas I will still decide the ending for them.

The writer of this episode has played so nicely but effectively with the mind of viewers that when

The viewer is watching how the protagonist is giving the power to the player but still being in control

Of the storyline of the that is when the viewer realizes that this is exactly what is happening with

Them. They feel that they have power.

The Hidden Uniqueness

The element that makes this episode so special and unique from the rest is that you might feel that

The Satisfying Relativity

“You have the power and your decisions change the course of your life” but in actual the developer (God) controls everything. You can modify and manipulate the story but the conclusion of the story

Still remains within the hand of the creator.

The viewers are the “game” that the protagonist developed in “Bandersnatch” and the writer is the

The protagonist of the episode. The writer has managed to link and relate the viewer with the episode in

Such a way that it makes “Bandersnatch” an actual exclusive episode of “Black Mirror”.