Brad Pitt Gets Emotional During HGTV Series Celebrity IOU

Brad Pitt Gets Emotional During HGTV Series Celebrity IOU

Brad Pitt is a very humble person by nature and he feels good by helping people and making them comfortable. 

Recently the actor appeared on HGTV in a new series ‘Celebrity IOU’. The show has A-list actors who are given an opportunity to help individuals and make an impact by renovating their homes. 

The series star Jonathon and Drew Scott featuring Property Brothers and shared a very touching moment with Brad Pitt on the episode. Pitt gave a makeover to a detached garage of his dear friend and longtime makeup artist Jean Black of her home in Santa Monica, California. 

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Pitt said that Jean is a very dear friend and she is just like family. He said we are like brother and sister and we sometimes fight aswell. He said they are friends since 29 years.

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Pitt aimed for a complete change over of the place in three weeks. He said it would be amazing to make it work as a guest house or work place. 

According to Jonathan, it is very thoughtful of Pitt to help someone and remember them who helped him be at the place where he is right now. 

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Pitt mentioned Jean also did makeup for Julia Roberts and Coen brothers as well. The Property Brothers were able to pull off the entire design of the place with a bed, kitchen counter top, kitchen space with a door that leads to a storage area which is decorated her parents photos. 

Pitt said that her dad passed away when she was very young and her mother when she was a a little older. She will be emotional to see that. Pitt was holding back his tears when he said that and admitted that he can’t take it all in.

When Jean came to her place, she was in awe and shocked. As she walked around and saw the place she said that it was amazing and gorgeous. 

Pitt mentions that he cannot express her feelings in words and it was just like a dream. When Jean saw her parents photos she started crying and said that she feels like a real makeup artist now!