Brad Pitt Produced Top 10 Movies Ranked by IMDb

Brad Pitt Produced Top 10 Movies Ranked by IMDb

In Hollywood, its very common that actors all doing are things besides acting, some actors running their clothing lines, some are producing and directing different projects and some own alcohol brands. Brad Pitt is also one of them in Hollywood is a top A category actor as well as producer. Brad Pitt produce many well-known projects and also acted in a couple of them. Following are the list of Pitt’s produced films that are on top according to the IMDb rating.

World War Z (2013):

World War Z in which world face pandemic issue and everyone turning into hungry zombies, In 2013, this film was produced by Brad Pitt and he also acted in this movie. When the whole city is overrun by Zombies he and his family rescued and join a team to find the original location to develop a cure. Brad Pitt did a character of Former UN employee Gerry Lane. This movie rating is 7 according to IMDb.

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Vice (2018):

A film that executed political affairs so beautifully was none other than Vice. In 2018 it was a film that nobody would have guessed on the face of it about the roles the characters played. It was another praised project of Brad Pitt. The portrayal of Dick Cheney by Christian Bale was remarkable, as Cheney took a rewind into history how he started out as an intern at White House with facing troubles in between to becoming the president. This movie rating is 7.2 according to IMDb.

Beautiful Boy (2018):

Not just an actor but also a great producer, the year 2018 for Brad Pitt proved to be his year as he produced Beautiful Boy. The film revolved around Nic Sheff played by Timothee Chalamet, a boy in his teenage years suffering from addiction. Nic’s father David Sheff played by Steve Carell was a supportive father who did everything to help his son get over his addiction. Failing to do this Nic goes to Los Angeles with his mother where he does get better but can’t let go of his old self. This film was based on the real-life of David Sheff and Nic Sheff. This movie rating is 7.3 according to IMDb.

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The King (2019):

The King Netflix original film, which got the attention of many people and built up high expectations as Timothée Chalamet took a new classy role.  Lily-Rose Depp, Joel Edgerton, and Robert Pattinson also included in the cast. Timothée Chalamet played the role of Henry, Prince of Wales who is not interested in taking his father’s place and war politics. Things got changed when his father passed away and his brother got killed, now Henry has to take the throne after that Henry face those who wish to see him fall and take his crown. This movie rating is 7.3 according to IMDb.

Moonlight (2016):

In 2016 Academy Awards Moonlight won Best Picture award. But many mighty did not know that Brad Pitt was an executive producer. During the awards Pitt was not present, according to Vanity Fair, he was at James Gray’s house and both were having spaghetti dinner. The story of the movie is divided into three parts of life, it’s a story of Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders, and Trevante Rhodes. Who faces hardship with his identity, sexuality, and because of his black skin. This movie rating is 7.4 according to IMDb.

Moneyball (2011):

In Moneyball biographical sports drama, Pitt played a character as Billy Beane he also one of the film producers, Bean faces a difficult time when his team loses against New York Yankees and he is about to lose the best players of his team. Beane and his assistant GM Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) took a new approach to lookout players and turn undervalued talent with a limited budget into the best 2002 Baseball team. The film got praise by many that it turn niche subject in something must watch a movie. This movie rating is 7.6 according to IMDb.

Kick-Ass (2010):

Many did not know that Brad Pitt was one the producers of Kick-Ass movie, if you are a fan of movies that are based on the comic book then you should watch Kick-Ass. This movie put a common superhero in the real world. The story of David Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who becomes Kick-Ass superhero after he tired of crimes and being seen as a weakness. In the movie, he met with the similar version kind of batman, (Nicholas Cage) Big Daddy and his daughter Hit-Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) this movie is R-rated action-packed superhero movie. This movie rating is 7.6 according to IMDb.

The Big Short (2015):

In The Big Short Pitt played a role of Ben Rickert and a producer of the film, in 2015, The Big Short won Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, this film is a biographical comedy-drama in which three different stories that come together to lead up to the 2007 housing market crash, this film was highly praised for its amazing techniques, In the cast, you will see well knows stars Margot Robbie and Selena Gomez. This movie rating is 7.8 according to IMDb.

12 Years A Slave (2013):

Mostly did not know that Brad Pitt producers numerous recognized films, this includes 125 years a Slave which was the best picture winner in 2013. Pitt played a supporting character as Samuel Bass. Due to the historical telling the history of American slavery this movie was highly praised.  Chiwetel Ejiofor played the role of Soloman Northup a free African-American in the year 1841. He was a talented violinist who got offers from two white men who kidnaped him and sold into slavery. Soloman Northup released after he spent 12-years in slavery and tells his story of real-life encounters. This movie rating is 8.1 according to IMDb.

The Departed (2006):

According to IMDb top-rated movie The Departed produce by Brad Pitt, he did act in the movie but film have top actors in cast like Mark Wahlberg, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio with many other famous actors.

The film story is very interesting, both party who knows the play but Irish Mob and police trying to discover the identity of the planted man in their teams, Irish Mob boss Francis Frank plants one of his gang member in the police force, on the other side police planted William “Billy” Costigan (DiCaprio) in Costello’s crew.  In the Academy Awards film won the awards, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture. This movie rating is 8.5 according to IMDb.