Broken By Design by Cody Brande – Album Review

Broken By Design by Cody Brande – Album Review

Cody Brande, a 25-year-old American multi-instrumentalist and singer based out of La Crosse, Wisconsin, has recently dropped a fresh new album titled “Broken By Design”. The listeners are already head over heels for it. The album consists of 11 amazing songs that will definitely be on the music lover’s playlist for a long time.

Overall, the album is a treat to listen to. It combines influences from Hard Rock, Progressive Metal, Ambient, Neue Deutsche Harte, and Nu Metal. The album explores various topics in each song with authentic lyrics with which the listener gets connected to. Whether you are sad or in a disconsolate state of mind, this album’s tracks will definitely touch your heart and sync with your emotions. Cody Brande has literally put his heart and soul into the album which can be reflected via the perfectly put lyrics, background music, and vocals.

The album begins with the track My Heroes. There can’t be a more perfect start to the album. The song includes elements of Hard Rock that makes one shake head to the beat. It is like Cody infused his emotions of seeing people lose to waiting for his time to come as he said “All my heroes are dead

And now my countdown begins.” He performed it outstandingly.

The second and third tracks, Return to Pain and 1000 Faces respectively bring a shift in dynamic. Return to Pain is noisier and gives grim vibes. The vibe represents the lyrics perfectly and the singer has outdone himself here. The latter, 1000 Faces, is the opposite of it. It is softer in tone with the guitar being the major instrument. The shift in the wind is refreshing here.

The softer touch continues progressively in Monkeys in Space. This one is my favorite; it is not because of the music but because of how beautifully he takes a shift to fantasy. Cody is back to basics with Your Lie which is similar in terms of musical vibe to Return To Pain. I really love how he has meddled with different forms of music here. The style of music continues in Impure where the album namesake Broken Bones is mentioned. It’s great to see artists mentioning the album names either in the song or creating a whole song out of it.

This is worth mentioning that Cody excels in shifting the musical aura. If you listen to his album sequence wise you’ll witness that. The eighth track, Soal, brings Cody to the softer guitar touch of the song. The way he pours his heart out to the lyrics is worth listening to. If you are in love, you’ll link to this song. Cody saying the lyrics with full emotions is the highlight of the album:

And I’m not satisfied

Must I look away

Until the the darkest parts are through

I must remember you

And the way your spirit shined

But it’s so hard to find

A shadow of a light”

The Siren’s Call, which is the second last track of the album, is different than the songs before it. It seems like Cody Brande has invested most of the time in this song, not because of the length but also because of the emotions that are involved in it. Cody has sung it with such passion and enthusiasm that one can’t resist but sing along with the artist and feel through the lyrics. Although the context of the song is the same as the previous ones, it gives a more detailed insight into Deprivation, Deception, and Humiliation. 

The final track of the album, Learn to Fly, is placed as the perfect culmination of the album. The song is infused with every kind of music you hear on the album before. You’ll hear Hard Rock, Soft Guitar, and much more that will uplift your mood to listen to it on repeat.

Broken by Design by Cody Brande is now available on all major streaming platforms. This includes Spotify as well as YouTube, so you won’t have any trouble finding them. The album includes a voiceless track as well. If you want to enjoy the album to the fullest, don’t miss out on that one. We strongly suggest you give this album a try as we have got it on repeat!