Bruce Willis reunites with ex-wife Demi Moore

Bruce Willis reunites with ex-wife Demi Moore

Bruce Willis reunited with his ex-wife Demi Moore after 20 years, and they are together in self-isolation and wearing matching pajamas. The couple posted a cute photo in their green and white PJs with their two children The whole family is happy as Demi and Bruce Willis have arms around each other with a thumbs up, proving that they are happy and together. 

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The couple got married in 1897 and split in 2000 with three children Scout, Tallulah and Rumer. Bruce also attended Demi’s wedding in 2005 with Ashton Kutcher proving that they stayed friends after the divorce as well.

Rumer is Bruce’s child from his other wife Emma Hemming and doesn’t know if they’re also in self-isolation. Whereas, Bruce and Demi are back together and are having fun with their kids and six small dogs. Demi talks about her divorce from Bruce in her book called ‘Inside Out’ that she is proud of her divorce.

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She thought that Bruce was fearful initially and it might make the split harder but the couple parted ways without any trouble. On the other hand, Bruce thinks that he failed as a husband and as a father when he couldn’t make it work.  He thanks his good friend Will Smith for helping him get through the difficult time of his life.

Later on Bruce married Hemming Willis in 2009, while Demi’s new relation remained private from the public.