Built on Stolen Land by Silas Luster – Album Review

Built on Stolen Land by Silas Luster – Album Review

If you are a fan of hip-hop music, you just can’t miss the latest release by Silas Luster!

With his newest release, Silas Luster is has shown that he is an all-rounder through and through. After being a successful author, and activist, Silas Luster has released a brand new album titled “Built on Stolen Land“. 

Apart from the unique and catchy title, the album has so much to offer in terms of fantastic beats and punchy lyrics. But then again, Silas Luster is nothing if not a genius at crisp punchlines and clever wordplay. Raised in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the artist has a way around with words. The lyrics are nothing if not an enigma. Poetic, yet crisp; the album gives you the youthful vibe of basement rap with the most phenomenal sound quality and vocals. 

The flowing, upbeat music just hooks you in from the very start. Eat the Evil is the first track in this album, and the artist was smart to place it in the start. Packed with crisp wordplay and minimal, laid-back music, this track is just perfect. Moreover, the artist also deserves a pat on the back for the theme of this song. Revolving around police violence and social injustice, this track is definitely an eye-opener. It is all about standing up for what is right and fighting for what you love. The way Silas has expressed these themes is also commendable; he managed to retain the delicate balance between noble themes, and an overall enjoyable track. 

Silas luster

Another thing that we absolutely loved about this track is the background music which is very laid-back and relaxed. It seems highly likely that Silas Luster deliberately kept the background music dim. This helps the listener focus more on the lyrics and the message rather than the background music droning it out. The song also breaks some serious stereotypes. Hip-hop music is often wrongly associated with thugs, breaking rules, and a specific type of lifestyle. However, the artist has spun it around to include the opposite themes, and essentially telling “the other side” of the story including injustice, unfair imprisonment as well as police brutalities. 

This land is taken

And we must be polite

For our rights

We gonna fight for the rights

The ground gonna eat the evil

Oh, and we love the part where the ground ultimately swallows up the cruel. So on-point and certainly a good message for all the listeners.

The remaining songs in the album are just as remarkable. From Playgrounds to State of Mind, each track will have you feeling a different vibe. The classic, authentic, and yet enjoyable music will definitely make you move your hips to the beat but at the same time, make you ponder about bigger things in life. Silas Luster has managed to create the perfect flow for his amazing vocals. Each track has a perfect balance between background music and lyrics. The two elements always complement each other so that the overall track never sounds noisy or blaring. 

Another phenomenal track in this album is Playgrounds. We just love the soulful quality of this song. However, the song still features very upbeat background music; something that makes you nod your head in sync with the catchy beat. The somewhat inspirational lyrics in this track are on a different level altogether. Foundation built on Creation. You just gotta love the clever wordplay here and the artist’s storytelling skills are worth mentioning too. Although it is quite difficult to pick and choose, another favorite from this album is Lonely Road. The intro to this song is very unique and hooks you in from the very start, the somewhat blurred and aesthetic voice adds a certain charm to the song and makes you want to listen to it again and again and again. 

Overall, this album is a must-listen for everyone who prefers authentic, and quality rap music. The sound quality, vocals, and background music are so on-point that you could listen to the same song over and over again without ever getting bored. Built on Stolen Land by Silas Luster is a fresh breath of air after listening to the same recycled rap songs involving similar themes.

Built on Stolen Land is now available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify. Some tracks from this album are even uploaded to YouTube so you wouldn’t have any trouble finding them. So, if you are a fan of hip-hop music, this album is not to be missed!