Cameron Diaz: 10 Facts you might not know!

Cameron Diaz: 10 Facts you might not know!

Cameron Diaz: 10 Fun Facts you might not know! Cameron Diaz ruled Hollywood for quite many years. She gave us romantic comedies, action movies, science fiction films and whatnot. The model turned actress was good at every role she did. Fans wonder where Diaz is now and why she doesn’t appear in movies anymore. Her biggest hits include There’s Something About Mary, The Mask, Charlie’s Angels, Annie, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Other Woman and many more. However, she was praised and known for her lead role with Tom Cruise as Vanilla Sky and Knight and Day.

In this article, we present you some lesser-known facts about Cameron Diaz and details of where she is now.

Beauty Blend

She is a blend of different cultures and thus is amazingly beautiful. Her mother has German, Scottish and English roots while her father had Spanish heritage and was a Cuban.

Acting Classes

She had no acting experience. She joined acting classes after being cast in The Mask. She had five years of modeling experience but nothing related to acting. She was chosen for a role in Jim Carrey’s box office hit “The Mask”. The role was supposed to be a small one but became a memorable one. She earned the praise she received after working in the movie. She wanted to get more roles and needed motivation so she joined the classes. She knew how to be successful with proper planning.

She broke her wrist!

She broke her wrist which cost her the role of Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat Movie. She was the first choice for the role but while preparing for the role, she had an injury and thus became unavailable. She was not this famous by then, she was offered the role when The Mask was in pre-production. Bridgette Wilson got the role instead of her.

She was Unrecognized!

Cameron had a very different and unique get up for the movie John Malkovich (1999). She was not recognized by the crew on the set and most people considered her stranger. She was very amazed on why people don’t recognize her but if we look back at the movie now, the crew was right on their part.


She loves to surf, she even broke her nose while nursing but she still enjoys doing it.

Attention Deficit Disorder

She has involvement issues as she once told that she has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). She cannot spend years working on the same movie.


She prefers to age naturally. Cameron Diaz had a brief Botox session and according to her, the small botox changed her face in a very bad way. She didn’t like the outcomes and she doesn’t judge people who use it to avoid aging. She thus prefers to age naturally instead of experimenting and getting something that’s not hers.


Cameron announced retirement from the film industry in 2018. She said that she is down now and she feels that she is retired. She has worked in the industry for 20 years and achieved more than a lifetime. Despite of her retirement, she is the fifth grosser actress of Hollywood.

Her Marriage!

Even she was not in favor of the Institution of marriage, she got married after only 17 days of her engagement with musician Benji Madden in 2015.

She Is a mom now!

Diaz had a baby daughter at the end of the year 2019, so she was stuck with her little angel and husband due to the quarantine period. She said that she didn’t go crazy instead she enjoyed that she is free to spend every moment with her daughter and has all-time in the world for her.

Cameroz Diaz is a name of class and perfection. Do you like her? Let us know in the comments section