Can Avatar Sequels Resume it’s Production Soon

Can Avatar Sequels Resume it’s Production Soon

In 2009 when The Avatar released it broke new ground for the upcoming movies, because of its unique visual effects and motion capture. Before Avengers: Endgame was released it was the highest-grossing movie at the Box office. James Cameron and company are planning to start Avatar 2. The Avatar Sequels took so long to start its production, Due to coronavirus, all movies are delayed, only we have Tenet which is planned to release on July 16, 2020, also studios have stopped the production of many movies but it looks like Cameron and company may get back to start Avatar 2 production soon.

Due to on-going pandemic situation, the Avatar sequel which is being filmed in New Zealand got affected. The New Zealand government issued health and safety production protocols for film production which should let the stopped projects like Avatar to start their production again. In the United States there is no news for when the halted projects can resume their production. James Cameron may start his blockbuster movie soon as planned. Deadline communicated with the Film Commission of New Zealand and the latest update is that some other movies and TV shows have already started their production. But the blockbuster projects like Avatar and Lord of the Rings series production have still not started yet, This Green light from New Zealand government indicates that the both high-profile films production will start soon once the movie cast and team is allowed to travel back to the film set.

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After waiting for years, the return of Avatar Sequels is exciting news for moviegoers. Many times in the past sequels have already been delayed, so when the coronavirus outbreaks, film production stopped and it seemed like a tragedy. It looks like Avatar 2 will meet its planned release date.

Avatar Sequels is mostly dependent on visual effects and it is reported that some of its effect work is continued in this lockdown but the filming part of the movie is still delayed. There is plenty of time for the movie to release in theaters and if New Zealand allows the filming to start then things will go smooth. Many movies are delayed, this news is a hope for the movie industry.

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Currently, Avatar 2 is planned to release in theaters on December 17th, 2021. In the meantime stay tuned to buzzwonder to get the latest news about upcoming movies.