Candyman – Another Horror Classic by Jordan Peele

Candyman – Another Horror Classic by Jordan Peele

If you are a horror movie fan you must know Jordan Peele who gained his fame from his movies Get Out and Us. He is back with another horror classic Candyman which is the sequel of the same name movie released in 1992. The movie is directed by a young director Nia DaCosta recognized after her movie “Little Woods” as screenwriter and director.

The legend or local myth Candyman is shown to reappear from where he started. The trailer revolves around an urban legend Candyman, who appears in the mirror and kills you if you say “candyman” in front of a mirror five times. The hook-handed mirror figure kills the person saying Candyman. The trailer shows five girls saying candyman in front of mirror leading to their horrible death.

The story revolves around the artist Anthony McCoy (Yahya Abdul Mateen II) who gets obsessive with this mystery and tries to find out the truth.  

McCoy  begins search for candyman in his new neighborhood taking photographs and inquiring people. A person mentions old candy factory in the area and tells him that he is in this neighborhood and is a monster.

The trailer shows how McCoy dares his followers to call upon the mirror monster by saying his name  leading to vicious deaths of his fans. McCoy couldn’t control how he feels connected to the urban legend.

A very deep, scary voice of the candyman can also be heard in the trailer saying

The trailer has bees, fear, suspense, thrill and much more. We dare you to watch the movie on June 12 in cinemas. Hope this would turn out to be another masterpiece by Jordan Peele.

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