Celebrity Couples wearing Matching Face Masks

Celebrity Couples wearing  Matching Face Masks

Face masks are the new normal now. While choosing facemask, people look into hygiene, effectiveness, and comfort. But with the passage of time and spread of COVID-19 pandemic, the usage of masks is getting prolonged. Fashionists are finding it difficult to match the medicated masks with their outfit and accessories. Designers worldwide are working on making masks attractive with laces, beads, and patterns. So the fashion and trending element have taken over the masks too. People are matching masks with their outfits and considering it as an extension to their costumes. But matching face masks for Celebrity Couples is getting common and may become the new trend worldwide.

Some find this trend cheesy, but we believe this trend will not only serve the need for a mask for safety but it will also make you feel good with your partner. The matching facemask for couples trend has made its way into Hollywood. Celebrity couples are wearing masks when going outdoors but matching face masks and are slaying the trend.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas were spotted wearing matching face masks with pastel prints. They were seen together many times with fresh masks matching their outfit. Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez were seen biking through their neighborhood in Miami in neon-highlighted grey masks. They put Instagram posts with snapshots of their matching masks. 

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are also seen walking their dog, roaming around the neighborhood wearing matching but simple masks. Their mask colors always match.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were also seen following the matching face mask for a couple trend by wearing deep blue matching masks. Presley Gerber and Sydney Brooke while heading out in Malibu also wore matching scarfs as face masks.

Celebrities dress for the unseen camera as well. Whenever they go out, they know they are going to get clicked by someone so they are always ready for it. You can also try matching face masks should for couples but we will also add that if your better half is not ready for the coordination, don’t skip using masks. Your safety is your first priority.