Changing the world with the power of fashion

Changing the world with the power of fashion

Ever thought how YOU could change the world? Just look good.

Sustainable fashion which hasn’t been explored widely in many parts of the world as yet is a movement that encourages the process of cultivating change in fashion products and the fashion system in general to create a better ecological impact. Sustainable fashion is best promoted by addressing the entire fashion system rather than just one kind of fashion textile or product.

In better words, sustainable fashion requires designers to take in account all of the perspectives that belong to various stakeholders in the market, which is basically the equivalent of injecting care into the fashion industry. For example, replacing one fibre type for a less environmentally harmful option to produce the same product.

There are a million more ways to implement sustainable fashion in your life such as through the use of eco-friendly, sustainable textiles such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, linen, wool, Tencel, and more. In addition to recycling our old clothes we can also buy upcycled garments such as jeans and old t-shirts to create new pieces.

Here are a few ways (in a tad bit more detail) with which you can promote eco fashion in your own lifestyle without having to break the bank!

Second hand has the upper hand: 

Buying second-hand isn’t looked down upon anymore, in fact it has become a lifestyle for a number of high end shoppers. Not only does buying second-hand clothing items give you a chance to discover unique vintage pieces but its also light on the pocket which will enable you to invest in even more shopping! Goody.

Rent your next dress: 

Did you know that 80% of the clothes in the average woman’s closet are worn three times or less, so it really doesn’t come as a surprise that most women are turning to rentals in order fulfil the requirement of their desired dress code without wasting resources.

Chin up while you re wear your best dress: 

Women are often put under pressure by society to somehow whip out a brand new and exceedingly brilliant outfit every single day whether it’s to a get together or to work. This stress of meeting society’s unbelievably high expectations forces most women to over spend in terms of money and energy, so why waste either when you can simply re wear your last favourite outfit, there isn’t a single tangible force stopping you. In fact, this just proves that the only accessory you need to awe your audience is confidence. And you should wear that everyday.

Recycle plastic, and your wardrobe too:

So now you’ve worn your favourite top too many times beyond re wear, it’s okay we understand! But that doesn’t mean you make it into a tiny bundle and stuff it at the back of your closet where you’ll probably never find it again. What it does mean though is that you now have a chance to add a little oomph to your old favourite, and transform it into your NEW favourite. Make it into a crop top, eliminate those boring old sleeves, sew/attach a cardigan to it, the list of possibilities is endless!

While other sustainable fashion implementations such as many organic products are a little heavy on the budget, there are still easier and cheaper ways to make a bigger and better difference.