Chris Brown Net worth, Age, Songs and facts

Chris Brown Net worth, Age, Songs and facts

Chris Brown age 32, the birth name Christopher Maurice Brown was born on May 5, 1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia. He is known for his unique voice and dance moves. He grew in a small town with 2000 people and sang in the church choir. He is also known because of Chris Brown and Rihanna relationship and physical assault case. Chris Brown height is 1.83m, Chris Brown net worth is around $50-60 million.

Chris Brown’s mother Joyce Hawkins was a director of a daycare center, and Chris brown father worked at a prison as a corrections officer. He also has a sister named Lytrell and she is a banker.

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Chris Brown age was 13 when he was hanging out with his dad at a gas station where a local production company discovered him. He used to sing Usher’s songs and his parents knew he has talent. Chris Brown age was 15 when he signed his first deal with Jive Records.

Movies and TV

Chris Brown can sing and dance well but he can also act too. Yes! He acted in movies like Stop The Yard, This and Takers. That’s right. He has also worked in television series such as an episode of Sesame Street and The O.C.

Chris Brown Girlfriends

Chris Brown has been in relationships with Rihanna (2007 – 2013), Simply Jess (2010 – 2012), ), Karrueche Tran (2010 – 2015), Draya Michele (2011 – 2012), Karizma Ramir (2013), Blair Pena(2013 – 2015), Amy Shehab (2015), ), Vanessa Vargas (Model) (2017), Agnez Mo (2017 – 2019),   and  Diamond Brown (2019). Currently, he appears to be dating Ammika Harris (2015 – 2020) who is also the mother of his son.

Chris Brown has had encounters with Krista Santiago (2016), Cydney Christine (2016), Montana Tucker (2016), Indya Marie (2015), Briona Mae (2015), Brittany Renner (2015), Tinashe (2015), Rhea Dummett (2014), Nia Guzman (2013), Keisha Kimball (2013), Jasmine Sanders (2010), Lisa Ann (2010), Joanna Hernandez (2009),  Natalie Mejia (2009).

Chris Brown is rumored to have a fling with) Amber Rose (2009), Tina Davis (2009), Rhea Kerwin (2010), Ayem Nour (2012) Rita Ora (2015), Jordyn Woods (2018), and Dani Leigh (2020).

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown and Rihanna had teenage love. They met when Rihanna was 17. They walked together on the red carpet of 2008 Grammy Awards and two days later Chris Brown confessed his love for Rihanna at her birthday party. They were in love and never held back to express their love for each other. However next year in 2009, they were supposed to perform at Grammy Awards but it was announced that they couldn’t attend the show due to a car accident. However, it was revealed later that Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna in a very bad way that she was hospitalized, injured and bruised. He was arrested in assault charges and the world was shocked when Rihanna released her picture after the assault. Brown was banned all over due to this case.

Chris Brown daughter

Chris Brown daughter is named Royalty (born 2014). He loves her daughter, and she had her daughter with Nia Guzman, whom he dated for a brief time. Chris Brown Instagram posts regularly indicate his love for his daughter. He won joint custody of his daughter in May 2016. Chris Brown Royalty is a little angel that keeps him going on in his life.

Chris Brown Son

He also has a son named Aeko Catori Brown (Nov 2019). He had his son with his girlfriend named Ammika Harris.


Billboard Music Award For Top Artist, Grammy Award For Best R&B Album, Numerous MTV Awards For Songs, Videos, And Lyrics, BET Award For Best New Artist, BET Award For Best Collaboration, BET Award For Viewer’s Choice, American Music Award For Artist Of The Year, Bet Hip Hop Award, Billboard Music Award For Top New Artist, Various Teen Choice Awards And Many More.

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Fun Facts

Some fun facts you might know about Chris Brown.

  1. He owns 14 Burger King Restaurants.
  2. He was discovered at a petrol pump.
  3. His nickname is Breezy.
  4. His previous stage name was C-Syzle.
  5. Chris Brown net worth was $50 million last year as well.
  6. He loves Spaghetti.
  7. He is a big football and basketball fan.
  8. He dropped out of school when he was 16 to pursue this music career.
  9. His album Chris Brown was produced in eight weeks.
  10. He was a part of a hit TV. Show The O.C.
  11. He has over 50 tattoos.
  12. He owns a record label.
  13. Brown owns a clothing brand called Black Pyramid.
  14. His biggest inspiration is Michael Jackson.
  15. He loves pit bull and has a pet pit bull.
  16. He was the executive producer of his film “Takers”.
  17. He lost many contracts and companies after the assault case by Rihanna.
  18. His song ‘Loyal’ reached no.1 on a billboard when he was in jail.
  19. He went to rehab voluntarily.
  20. He co-wrote ‘Disturbia’ by Rihanna.
  21. His fourth album was the first to get no.1 place.
  22. He has won only one Grammy.
  23. He once confessed that he witnessed a suicide attempt by a family member.
  24. He was part of his church choir.
  25. Chris Brown net worth was $10 million when he was arrested.
  26. His stepfather was abusive.
  27. He got into a fight with Drake at a night club.
  28. He had a creepy fan that once broke into his home. She wrote I love you on the walls, cooked food for him and painted his cars with her name. She was charged later on.
  29. Chris Brown net worth was in million in his teenage as he bought his mother $1 million house.
  30. He once got a call from Michael Jackson who praised his song.
  31. He is a Graffiti artist.
  32. He was once framed by a beauty who blamed him to give her death threats but the case was opposite.
  33. He is not allowed to go to Australia and England due to Rihanna’s assault case.
  34. He likes to talk to Pastors.

Top Albums

Chris Brown albums that made him successful are

  1. Chris Brown (2005)
  2. Exclusive (2007)
  3. Graffiti (2009)
  4. F.A.M.E (2011)
  5. Fortune (2012)
  6. X (2014)
  7. Royalty (2015)
  8. Heartbreak on a full moon (2017)
  9. Indigo (2019)

Top Songs

Some of the best Chris Brown songs are Run It, Kiss Kiss, Look At Me Now, Deuces, With You, No Air, Party, Yo, International Love, Say Goodbye, Don’t Wake Me Up, Post To Be, Gimme That, Go Crazy, Forever, Yeah 3x, Shortie Like Mine, Pills And Automobiles, I Can Transform Ya, Turn Up The Music, New Flame, Get Like Me, Don’t Check On Me, Ayo, Do You Mind, Love More, Back To Sleep, Don’t Judge Me, Sing Like Me, Poppin’, Only, Show Me, Wall To Wall, The Take, Overtime, 2012, Hope You Do Take You Down, Next To You, No BS, African Bad Gyal, Best Love Song, No Guidance, I Can Only Imagine, High End, It Won’t Stop.

Upcoming Album

His upcoming album is titled Breezy.