Christopher Nolan “Tenet” will not release internationally before the US

Christopher Nolan “Tenet” will not release internationally before the US

Christopher Nolan Tenet will be released worldwide on 12th August 2020. But the movie was set to release on July 17 and after that July 31st. The release date got delayed due to the current pandemic situation around the world. However, Christopher Nolan fans worldwide were expecting the international release of the film prior to the US, which Nolan has refused.

Although it was estimated that Christopher Nolan Tenet will earn 2/3 of its business from international release but Nolan wanted to help US entertainment industry and helps in its revival and so he decided the movie to release in the US. Another important factor may be the piracy issues around the world. Some countries don’t even have a law for copyright infringement and pirate movies are a norm over there. Piracy could hurt the movie business a lot especially in the US.

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Christopher Nolan Tenet is described as the follow-up of his war epic movie Dunkirk that was released in 2017. The creator of the epics as Inception of the Dark Knight (trilogy) and Interstellar will make a comeback with this movie (first movie in the IMAX format by Nolan).

Tenet cast includes Robert Pattinson, John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Kenneth Branagh and Michael Caine. Dimple Kapadia is a very famous Indian actress and she is debuting in Christopher Nolan Tent movie for the scenes shot in Mumbai. Nolan has said that she has a smashing role in the movie and he loved her being part of the movie.

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Christopher Tenet runtime is around 149 minutes and 59 sec. This makes it fourth-longest movie by Nolan after Interstellar and Dark Knight movies.

The plot of Christopher Nolan Tenet is still is a mystery and no one could figure it out even after a number of trailers are out. But the plot and the movie will definitely be a fresh air for the users in this time of this pandemic. Well, the thing we are sure of is that the movie is a sci-fi action thriller. Let’s see what Nolan holds for us!