Chucky TV Series will Start Filming in 2021

Chucky TV Series will Start Filming in 2021

Like every other film and television series, Chucky, one of the most anticipated television series has also got delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The production is not likely to start this year, Chucky TV Series delayed until 2021. Many shows, movies, and series got canceled due to the health emergency situation around the world.

Warner Bros itself has delayed eight movies that were expected to come. So, it is not a surprise that Chucky TV Series also got hit by fate. However, the good news is that the show has not got canceled but is delayed and is expected to do show’s premier and starting production in 2021.

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The Chucky doll started haunting people in 1988, and the Child’s Play franchise has in total of eight movies. However, Chucky has never appeared on the small screen and it is the first time, Chucky will premier on the small screen.

The first announcement of the show was made in 2018 by showrunner Don Mancini. The show has been in news due to the developments all along, Jennifer Tilly will return as Chucky’s Bride and Brad Dourif will return as Chucky.

The Chucky TV Series was expected to release in 2020 on USA Network and Syfy. The debut of the show was expected this year and was announced way before the corona situation. The show was expected to film in the fall of 2020 in Toronto. The release of the show was expected to be in 2021. But now the shooting has been delayed till 2021 and the production has not given any hint on the release date.

Despite the show is delayed for production, at least there is hope that the show will reach us on the small screens. Viewers are expecting the show to hit airwaves by the end of 2021 as many shows are able to telecast their episodes after filming immediately and carry on the shootings while the show is on air. If the pre-production and casting are done by the team then there might be a chance that the show will air in 2021.

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Fans feel nostalgic about the return of their favorite horror classic Child’s Play. People have always wanted to see Chucky terrorizing people and an addition to the movie franchise was made last year (starring Aubrey Plaza) which gathered mixed reviews.

In July a teaser was released for the new series and it seems that the new installment in the franchise will be even scarier and goriest. It is still a surprise that some other film characters will return in the tv series or not.

We hope that the production team will be able to deliver the series in 2021 with their concrete production plan. Many anticipated tv shows as season 5 of The Crown was also delayed due to the pandemic situation.