Ciara IG post announced the arrival of Her Third Baby

Ciara IG post announced the arrival of Her Third Baby

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Ciara spent her pregnancy in isolation at her family home in California. Ciara IG post announced the arrival of the little angel. Ciara and Russel Wilson (NFL star) welcomed the baby boy and are really happy.

Ciara is a famous singer known for her songs like Oh, Promise, Like a Boy, Get Up , Body Party and so on.

Ciara IG post shared a video that is shot by Russel Wilson, showed how the family welcomed and celebrated the birth of the little angel with the joyful singing of  “Happy Birthday” song in the delivery room. Ciara the lead vocal of the birthday song (after a few moments of birth) won millions of hearts.

Ciara IG post made it very clear that she can pull off her singing skills anywhere she wants, even after giving birth and going through labour pain in emergency health situation (pandemic) going on.

Ciara IG post was captioned wishing happy birthday to their son Win and she expressed her love for him saying that your mom and dad love you.

Is there something that gives mummy singer’s confidence when they get pregnant? Katy Perry is also expecting a baby; she announced her pregnancy in a music video and is never shy to flaunt her style with a baby bump.

Ciara was also really confident to show her bump and was very happy with her pregnancy. In an interview, she told that she fears the labour pain and delivery process. She actually trembles, shakes and even throws up during the process. It is a traumatic experience for her but as soon as she sees the baby she forgets all her fears.

She feels lucky that her pregnancies are smooth but her deliveries are not that smooth. But the not-so-smooth deliveries don’t affect her voice quality and even improves it. The way she is singing and welcoming her newborn is amazing and her voice is so mesmerizing in the video.

She said that due to Covid-19 pandemic it got a bit tough for her, as she had to go alone for ultrasounds. Wilson used to wait for her in the parking lot and see the baby through Facetime. Ciara said that expecting mothers are not discussed much in this situation.

Whether the fetus can get Covid-19 or not, is still a mystery but she took many precautions when she was pregnant.

She advised to-be-mothers to be more hopeful and less practical. She told pregnant women out there to know their strength and belief in God because He will never overburden you.

Many congratulations to Ciara and Wilson on the arrival of their third baby!