Clear Skies, Calm Waters by Louis Swagú – Album Review

Clear Skies, Calm Waters by Louis Swagú – Album Review

Grant Davis aka Louis Swagú, an 18-year-old American Rapper has recently dropped a fresh new album called Clear Skies, Calm Waters and we are already head over heels for it. The album consists of 8 amazing songs that will definitely be in the music lover’s playlist for a long time.

Overall, the album gives a refreshing vibe. It deals with the concepts of recovery from heartbreak and homesickness during a time of transition. Whether you are sad or in a disconsolate state of mind, this album’s tracks will definitely touch your heart and sync with your emotions. Louis Swagu has literally put his heart and soul into the album which can be reflected via the perfectly put lyrics, background music, and vocals.

The album begins with the track Backyard which is mostly shot in the backyard with a shovel in his hand. The songs have a pleasant melody with lyrics that reminiscence of the past. It is like Louis infused the hurtful memories of his past in this single track and it serves as the right one to start the album.

the second track of the album, 242 Miles, brings forth the classic rap melody where the artist just goes with the flow and delivers the lyrics perfectly. The song is like a conversation with a certain someone from the past whom the artist is talking to and discussing how life has changed in all these years. It highlights some moments of the past that the listener can relate to and enjoy.

Was It All for Nothing? is for those who have recently been through a breakup or are passing through the trauma of relationship heartbreak. Like the previous two songs had upbeat background music, this song’s music had a soothing effect that synced well with the amazing lyrics. The song was so well personified that it felt like Louis is talking about our heartbreaks and breakups. I believe everyone who has been through hard times can relate to these effective lines

After that we drift apart you say you don’t wanna see me

I admit I took that way too hard, maybe you didn’t mean it

Or maybe you did, it’s not like I would ever know

But I beat her to the punch and cut her off, it’s over

Love Ties (Interlude) and I Miss Us … /Do I Though? are the next two tracks and they complement each other. Louis pitches in the idea of not remembering his beloved with soulful background music with the constant repetition of “Not Going Back To” in Love Ties while he talks about how much he misses her in the latter track. The transition from one song to another can be felt in the change of music and his tone which is perfectly done by the singer.

18 Freestyle is all about how an 18-year-old deals with heartbreak considering all the aspects surrounding him. It is perfectly pulled by Louis with upbeat and lively music that will keep one humming to it.

Clear Skies, Calm Waters the album namesake track is the longest of all the songs extending beyond 6 minutes. It seems like Louis Swagú has invested most of the time in this song, not because of the length but also because of the emotions that are involved in it. Louis has sung it with such passion and enthusiasm that one can’t resist but sing along with the artist and feel through the lyrics. Although the context of the song is the same as the previous ones, it gives a more detailed insight into the breakups and homesickness much like the lyrics say:

“Say I’m chillin, but for real I just wan’ find out what love means

Change the “ov” to an “if” you can’t have one without the other “

Finally, At Peace is the last track of the album and there cant be a better culmination to the album than this track. The song is mostly covered with heartfelt soothing music reflecting the peace and moderation one needs after going through hardships in one’s life.

Calm Skies, Calm Waters by Louis Swagú is now available on all major streaming platforms. This includes Spotify as well as YouTube, so you won’t have any trouble finding them. Louis has uploaded the visually complemented version of the album that syncs spectacularly with the tracks. He shot all the videos on his iPhone and edited himself. We strongly suggest you give this album a try as we have got it on repeat! Here is the link to the album.. Enjoy!