Couple Quizzes Questions Every Couple Should Try

Couple Quizzes Questions Every Couple Should Try

Instead of having general conversation why not start knowing each other better by doing a couple quizzes questions.

It is true that dating someone can definitely pave the way for knowing the person. While dating is much more convenient and easily done if the two are living in the same city but what about long-distance relationships?

How can they get to know each other better and more deeply? Every couple experiences the spark, curiosity, and chemistry in the beginning of their relationship. With time they settle into each other and begin to lose the intensity.

It does not mean they have lost their love for each other, it’s just that now there are other things to look after and now they have known each other completely.

We have to understand that there is no complete way of knowing anyone fully! Humans thought processes change with time so we shouldn’t lose the touch we once had in our relationship. That’s why we in this article will talk about a couple quizzes.

These couple quizzes don’t require you both to meet face to face. With these fun couple quizzes you might learn something new about each other.

1. Relationship Quiz:

Relationship transitions through different stages and the most curious phase The Honeymoon Phase of relationship ends as you gain understanding of your partner.

You can revive this honeymoon phase with this relationship quiz by asking your partner these questions.

  • How did you feel during our early days of relationship?
  • 3 things you like about eachother?
  • 3 things you want to improve as a couple together?
  • 3 things you want to change about each other?
  • What were your thoughts when you first saw each other?
  • Would things go smooth if i do as i’m told by my significant other?

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2. Fear Quiz:

Sharing the same fears doesn’t mean that you both handle it in the same way. It’s always better to know your partner along with how they handle their fears as this will prompt you both to help each other combat it.

To stop further prevention of these fears this couple quiz may help you so start by asking these questions.

  • What were your fears when you were a child?
  • What are you fears now as an adult?
  • Is losing me a fear in you? If yes, what should I do to combat that?
  • Does your fear want you to become a better person or it makes you wanna run away?
  • How much trouble your fear causes you in day to day life?
  • Are you willing to fight your fear?

3. People Quiz:

You both have different personalities and this difference makes you both like and dislike certain people.

To avoid conflicts as to why you like certain people and your partner doesn’t this is one most important couple quizzes to take together so start by asking these questions.

  • Which characteristics make you dislike a person?
  • Which zodiac signs you don’t get along well with?
  • What are the things you feel we as humans lack?
  • Which personality do you jell well with?

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4. Life Quiz:

Lessons that we learn. The growth that we experience. The people who inspire us. The pain we feel, the hurt we get, the guilt we endure from childhood to adolescence to adulthood is Life what we call it.

These couple quizzes about each other give you the chance to have a peek into your significant other life, so start by asking these questions.

  • What does life mean to you?
  • Is there any higher purpose we humans have to serve?
  • If you get you live one memory in your life, which one will it be?
  • Which past memory do you want to erase completely?
  • What’s life with us in it?

5. Love Quiz:

The core binding of any relationship is Love. The reason why two people decide to be with one another is Love. The reason why ignorance of each other’s shortcomings takes place is Love.

The reason for never giving up on each other in the toughest of times is Love. So to fall in love with your partner again these fun couple quizzes is just a hint of spice into your love life, to add this spice you may want to ask these questions.

  • Does physical appearance count equally with emotional compatibility?
  • Is there anything that’s higher than love?
  • One thing that keeps you going in love?
  • How important is physical intimacy in love?
  • Is love a strength or a weakness? If both then explain.

6. Marriage Quiz:

Indeed a commitment of all time is marrying someone. Nobody wants to mess up this one thing purposefully. Having said this, it requires immense courage to be able to make this decision.

To understand where your partner stands on marriage commitment this couple quiz may help you ask these questions.

  • Should marriage be age appropriate or it should take place when it feels right?
  • Do you think that couples only get married if they have lived long enough with each other ?
  • How do you see yourself as a parent?
  • Do you want your children to be a reflection of you?
  • Are you afraid of marriage because of responsibilities?

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7. Societal Changes Quiz:

Living in the same society you both have your opinions formed. These opinions play an important role in forming your complete thought processes thus making you see the world from your own eyes.

It is important to see what your partner thinks about societal changes as much as love and romance is. To dig deep in your partner’s opinions you may want to ask these questions.

  • What’s your take on women empowerment?
  • What do you think about equality?
  • Do you think it’s important to have gender roles?
  • How much do these roles contribute into our day to day life as per you?
  • Why do you think there is mass maldistribution of wealth in the world?

8. Friendship Quiz:

The silly hook ups, flings, attachments, infatuations, attractions, crushes and relationships all of these juicy details are shared with only one relationship in your life and that is with a friend.

The non-judgemental, carefree, and never aging zone of your life. To know your partner better, these couple quizzes questions may help you put this saying into perspective “the company you keep is a reflection of you”.

  • Which group of people you choose to be around with?
  • Have you ever experienced friendship betrayal?
  • What are friends for you?
  • How important friendships are to you?
  • Can couples be friends too?

9. Career Quiz:

Keeping in mind how we want to spend our life in future we make some serious decisions in the present. With this being said, our career is one thing we never compromise on.

Starting from the beginning till the end of our life the ultimate goal is to be seen as someone who has it all. To know how many struggles your partner has put into becoming who they are now, you may want to take this couple quiz.

  • Are you passionate about your job?
  • Is money the only factor that keeps you going on with the work?
  • What motivates you to keep on working hard at your job?
  • Can your hobby be your career as well?
  • Is career building more important than relationship building?

10. Rapid Fire Quiz:

The most quirky part of any conversation where you can get quick answers and easily find relevance with the answer are the rapid-fire quizzes.

This type of couple quiz will definitely be a fun treat for you both as you can ask both serious and non-serious questions.

No diving deep into answers until necessary. So to sit back and chillax with your partner you may want to ask these questions.

  • Sunset or Sunrise?
  • Tea or Coffee?
  • Walk on the beach or walk by the road?
  • Date night on a boat or candle light dinner?
  • Tour on a heavy bike of the city or on an expensive car ride?